Sure, I enjoyed play-testing a couple of new characters for the reboot storyline – getting to know Bob Busby and Tolliver Grange proved useful as I consider the long-term direction of their narratives.

But I noticed that of the handful of new characters portrayed by actual players, one kept showing up on the Earth grid to do his job: Rodger Harrison.

Rodger got to meet his boss, Busby. He got to meet Grange.

However, I really wanted to reward him for making the effort. So, I gave Rodger a chance to do his job as a security officer for Spark at Cape Canaveral.

I created a one-off character, Rodney Downes, and had him try to smuggle proprietary information out of the facility.

The outcome: Rodger thwarted the scientist’s attempt to undermine his presumed old friend, Bob Busby. And Downes died, setting off an electromagnetic pulse burst that disabled his artificial heart.

The incident also had the added benefit of looping in a new player, Modecai, for the closing moments.

And now we’re left with a mystery to explore in the coming weeks: Where was Downes going with that data? Who wanted it? And what might they do to get past Rodger the next time?

Reminds me of the really good old days on OtherSpace. I’m hoping this is the shape of things to come.

By Brody

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