The anomalous data arrived during the third day of the second week of the first month, in the thirty-first second of the nineteenth minute of the eighth hour.

It was 18 degrees Celsius outside. Toxic rain poured from menacing black and blue clouds overhead.

The Overmind felt that the grim weather suited its mood in the wake of the information it had just received.

A Phyrrian Tasker had returned from an expedition beyond the multiverse nexus, gathering information about neighboring universes. This particular unit had acquired vital but unwelcome data: Some alternate variant of Phyrrian, posing in human skin, calling itself Overmind. Imposter. Even worse, this imposter seemed to have the power of a war fleet at its disposal.

In milliseconds, the true Overmind devised a strategy. It transmitted orders to a squad of combat Taskers.

The false Overmind must die.

By Brody

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