My home security system needs a safe space.

The other night while watching The Expanse (an excellent show that should be saved from cancellation, FYI), struggling with my usual seasonal allergies, I cut loose with a mighty sneeze that the Fellowship might’ve mistaken for a cave troll.

The alarm, which I’d set a few minutes earlier, was suddenly triggered!

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It’s the first time that it happened while my wife Catherine and I sat peacefully in the house, minding our own business. However, it’s just the latest incident with our security system. Our dog, Calliope, is a puggle with a panicked bark that apparently sounds like breaking glass – the sort of thing our high-strung alarm waits to hear, it seems. She too can trigger the alarm. In fact, her outbursts once drew a visit from a couple of Durham Police Department officers after the alarm went off and the security company couldn’t reach me.

I sure hope our coming AI masters aren’t so easily triggered!

By Brody

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