NalhomWThis planet is almost entirely covered with water, but it isn’t clear, blue-green water. This water is thick with strange algae, turning it a much darker green.

It is hard to see where the land begins and the sea ends, for the land is covered with green jungles and also covered with cloud almost all the time. When an opening does appear, it rarely lasts for long. The thick seas of Nalhom is the basis of the planet’s ecosystem, which drives both its biological life and its equatorial rainforest type climate.

The few land masses evolved from dirt and debris caught in mangrove-like plant growth, and is in turn covered by thick tropical rainforests. The atmosphere contains a high level of moisture, eventually precipitating in regular planet wide monsoons.

The heavy vegetation in both seas and land make scanning for individual life signs difficult. The dominant life form are the Nall, with cities woven into the jungles and nearby vegetation choked shallows. The oceans and jungles of Nalhom are a primary resource, providing both food and construction materials.

The planets crust and bogs are a source of iron ore and other metals. Most dramatic, however, are the deep veins of polydenum which lace through the planet.

The Nall civilization has become very savvy at extracting resources from Nalhom, and is one of the most developed in this sector of the galaxy.

The Nall

The children of the sun goddess Nalia are probably best described as a Napoleon Complex cult: They feel natural animosity to all races that are taller than them, and Nall don’t grow very tall. They hate being much more than three feet tall. They are cold blooded and lay their children in eggs.

Being the runt of the litter on Nalhom is considered an honor. Much taller than three feet, and you’re no use to the Clawed Fist Fleet – you get shipped off to the Vox Nalia Church to serve as a priest or, worse, you enter the merchant working class. Nall are incapable of laughter, but they show amusement by dropping their jaw open and hissing softly. They have agile tails that can lash back and forth, and which they decorate with jewelry over time. Dishonored Nall get their tail tips chopped off, then their tails, and then, for a third offense, the saying goes, “the tail is chopped off at the neck.”

Nall are compulsively honest and frank about their opinions, and they are driven by an overwhelming sense of personal honor. So, it’s not wise to offend a Nall unless you want to face them in an honor duel in which you might get disemboweled.

By Brody

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