We’re kicking off a pilot program that’s geared toward giving players more independence and power over the worlds they call home on OtherSpace.

Basically, every player can become a grid builder on the MUSH, creating new starship prototypes, house designs, cities – even entire planets.  Exchange Saga Points for quota to increase the number of things you can build – 50 SP per 1 quota. For 500 Saga Points, you could build a 10-room grid.

We’ll automate the SP-to-quota conversion system soon. But for the pilot program, any player who is interested in participating can post a +str requesting X amount of quota and I’ll handle the SP deduction manually. To see how much quota you’ve got, type @QUOTA in-game.

In the coming days, I’ll add tutorials for builders to this blog.

By Brody

7 thoughts on “Operation Sandbox”
    1. It should not. To get a starship class added to CSpace, for example, you’d still need to +craft the prototype. To get your city or world connected to the official game grid, you would need the appropriate building or planet objects.

    1. To a certain extent, players will have free rein to build whatever they want – the MUSH equivalent of Minecraft, if they want to build an Uberfortress of DOOOOOM, so be it. But it only becomes part of the official grid with approval from the staff and submission of crafted counterparts representing new cities, buildings, starships, planets, universes and the like.

    1. Don’t convert all your SP into quota. That would be my first recommendation. But this also opens the door for someone who has NO architectural skills on their +sheet to design a city with @dig and @desc, and hire a player with those skills to actually craft the designs.

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