Independence Day: Resurgence wasn’t as awful as I expected from other reviews I’d seen.

In fact, it was mostly lots of fun – although it could have been about 45 minutes shorter if it omitted the unnecessary and honestly confusing “two government headquarters” aspect of the movie. I kept losing track of whether Jeff Goldblum was hanging out with Sela Ward at NORAD or William Fichtner at Area 51.

Wanton Earth landmark obliteration: Good stuff.

Actors pulling off some iffy dialogue: Good stuff.

Special effects: Good stuff.

Kid poking at dead alien slime: Great detail.

Same-sex nerd love: Nice touch, very topical.

Unshaven Bill Pullman: Optimistic and inspiring.

Shaven Bill Pullman: Oh, so that’s why you grew the beard.

Jeff Goldblum: Great Jeff Goldblum impression.

Random Robert Loggia posthumous CGI insertion: What?! Why?!

By Brody

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