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[NOTEWORTHY] Happy Birthday, Harry Turtledove! June 14 #amwriting #storytelling

Born in Los Angeles in 1949, Harry Turtledove is an author of speculative fiction – especially alternate history – such as The Guns of the South and the Worldwar series. Turtledove, a former treasurer of the Science Fiction Writers of America, originally published under the pseudonym of “Eric G. Iverson” because an editor told him…

[NOTEWORTHY] June 13: Happy birthday, Basil Rathbone! #acting #storytelling

Born Philip St. John Basil Rathbone in 1892, the future Sherlock Holmes actor was 3-years-old when his family had to flee Johannesburg, South Africa, to escape the Boers. His father was a mining engineer; his mother a violinist. He grew up in England, where he was known as “Ratters” among friends. He worked for a…

[NOTEWORTHY] Happy Birthday! June 11 #acting #storytelling

Gene Wilder Adrienne Barbeau Hugh Laurie Peter Dinklage

[NOTEWORTHY] Happy Birthday! June 10 #acting #storytelling

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