1. Technology Knowledge: One of the primary challenges of playing an old person in a futuristic setting is that they may struggle with technology. In a world where technology has advanced significantly, an older character may find it challenging to understand or use advanced gadgets, robots, or other technological innovations.
  2. Different Cultural Context: Society may have evolved in different ways than in the present day. An older character may have grown up in a very different cultural context, and understanding the nuances of this context can be challenging for the player.
  3. Physical Limitations: Technologies may be available to help older characters overcome physical limitations. However, it can be challenging to portray these limitations accurately, such as mobility issues, hearing loss, or vision problems, while also considering how advanced technology might impact their quality of life.
  4. Changed Social Roles: Social roles and relationships may have changed significantly. For example, a character who was a respected professional in their youth may now find themselves marginalized or out of touch with the changing times. It can be challenging to navigate these shifting social dynamics in a way that is authentic and engaging.
  5. Unique Life Experiences: Finally, an older character may have had unique life experiences that set them apart from other characters. They may have witnessed significant historical events or had interactions with important historical figures. Capturing the nuances of these experiences and conveying them in a compelling way to other players can be a challenge.

By Brody

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