ungstirCenturies ago, a group of European settlers left Earth as part of a clandestine “star-seeding” expedition and and came across a lush, green planet.

They called it Youngster, and built a thriving, idyllic colony there. But it was close to the Parallax, and the Nall took the human colony as an intrusion. They attacked, and launched a core seeker missile at the planet. The missile caused the planet to explode, but three large chunks survived.

The surviving humans dug deep into these three chunks, building a new society in the tunnels and mines beneath the surface of the shattered pieces of the world. They renamed the planet Ungstir, and the three chunks became known, in order of size, as Ungstir Prime, Ungstir 2 and Ungstir 3. They orbit together in roughly the position of the former planet, amidst a field of debris and smaller rocks.

Offworlders are often deeply disturbed when they arrive on Ungstir for the first time, as it appears that the three chunks will almost certainly crash into each other…though they never do. With the planet’s atmosphere gone, the people live underground in tunnels and caverns, and mining has become the major industry on Ungstir. Ungstir is the closest planet to Tomin Kora, and the Tomin Nebula is clearly visible in the night sky. Lord Fagin’s operations are said to have extensive influence on Ungstir.

By Brody

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