1. Creates a sense of immediacy: Writing in first-person present tense can give the reader the feeling that they are experiencing the events of the scene in real-time. This can create a sense of urgency and excitement, which can make the scene more engaging.
  2. Deepens reader engagement with the participants: By writing in the first-person present tense, the participants can experience the scene with a deeper emotional connection, making them more invested in the story and the outcome.
  3. Increases suspense: Writing in first-person present tense also can increase the suspense in a scene. By narrating events as they are happening, participants are left wondering what will happen next and how they’ll react.
  4. Provides a unique perspective: Writing in first-person present tense can provide a unique perspective on the events of the scene. Participants have a more intimate and personal understanding of the events.
  5. Allows for experimentation: Writing in first-person present tense can be a great way for writers to experiment with their storytelling. It can provide a fresh perspective and allow writers to play with language and structure in new and exciting ways.

By Brody

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