A Nall shuttle delivers Colclough and the two Demarians to the surface of the planet Odari – homeworld of the merchant-minded Odarites. The weather is chilly on the landing pad, just below freezing Fahrenheit in what amounts to a balmy summer day in the city of Ikikir. “I usually packContinue Reading

Stamp go. Stamp quit. I’ve cancelled my World of Warcraft subscription for (I expect) the last time. In the past, I’ve let the subscription lapse between expansions simply due to lack of time (or interest), but now it’s a matter of principle. After more than 14 years, and with noContinue Reading

My son, who turns six in May, didn’t want to keep working on his dictation assignment for kindergarten. The task called for me to read a short sentence, which he would then write on the paper. He’d had a decent day at school – even completed his in-class work –Continue Reading

One moment, Robert Colclough is aboard a shuttle that’s plummeting toward the uncaring sands of Demaria. The next, he’s light years away, emerging from a swirling blue portal onto the deckplates of a Consortium Intelligence outpost hidden among the wrecked hulls of the Line of Pain. He links his HUDContinue Reading