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[APPRECIATION] Player of the Month June 2017 #storytelling #amwriting #OtherSpace

Thanks so much to Nick (a.k.a. Razorback, Fedya, et al) for another wonderful month of spreading the word about OtherSpace on Slack.

During the month of June, not only did he participate in a bunch of scenes and promote us via Twitter and Facebook, but he also organized a Google Hangout interview that he then turned into a promotional YouTube video. He was super active in the 19th birthday marathon too!

Above and beyond the call! For his efforts, he gets a $25 Amazon certificate.

[NOTEWORTHY] Happy Birthday, Harry Turtledove! June 14 #amwriting #storytelling

Born in Los Angeles in 1949, Harry Turtledove is an author of speculative fiction – especially alternate history – such as The Guns of the South and the Worldwar series. Turtledove, a former treasurer of the Science Fiction Writers of America, originally published under the pseudonym of “Eric G. Iverson” because an editor told him he didn’t think readers would believe Turtledove was a real name. Before writing fiction full-time, Turtledove worked as a technical writer at the Los Angeles County Office of Education.

[NOTEWORTHY] June 13: Happy birthday, Basil Rathbone! #acting #storytelling

Born Philip St. John Basil Rathbone in 1892, the future Sherlock Holmes actor was 3-years-old when his family had to flee Johannesburg, South Africa, to escape the Boers. His father was a mining engineer; his mother a violinist.

He grew up in England, where he was known as “Ratters” among friends. He worked for a year at an insurance company at his father’s request, but soon pursued a career in theater.

Rathbone served as an intelligence officer in World War I. He once told Edward R. Murrow that he disguised himself as a tree to approach an enemy camp to acquire information.