It’s time to get another story arc thread going on the forums. This time, I’ll experiment with a broader format – participants in the thread can generally determine where they’re at (aboard a ship, on their favorite world, etc.) and we’ll see how the story evolves.

The arc will involve the Cerulean Twilight hacker group, which has cropped up in the in-game news during the past week or so.

Participants in the thread must have an approved character on the MUSH and an account on the forums at NOTE: You aren’t required to use any of your characters for this story arc, although that’s preferred. If you like, you’re welcome to experiment with new character concepts or potential alts during the course of this adventure.

I’ll get the thread going with a scene-setter as soon as possible.

By Brody

5 thoughts on “Cerulean Twilight arc in forums”
    1. That’s a great question. I’d say you can bring as many as you like to the story arc, but do your best to make sure they don’t interfere or assist each other. Alt conflict rules still apply!

  1. Got an other question. How does this rp thread line up with the Bringing Up Baby RP Thread? I ask because I already posted in the cerulean twilight thread and now see the Bringing Up Baby RP Thread and wishing I had waited. Xanya would have loved to be present there to see the baby Yaralu’s first words and such.

    1. To avoid overcomplicating things for anyone else, as they might want to refer to some of these happenings in-game, the events are (more or less) parallel. If you want Xanya involved, though, I’d recommend that you have her bow out of the Cerulean Twilight thread – maybe she’s on her way to the ship – and we can fudge the time element so that she shows up at Galleria in time for the baby to communicate.

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