Pinnacle message less clear than it appears

CAPE CANAVERAL, EARTH – Scientists studying the message received from the Pinnacle exploration ship say that further investigation has determined that the three-word message “They are coming” is more complicated than that.

Each letter and space within the message has been imbued with data in a sort of quantum encryption method.

It may take some time to break the code and decipher all the information contained within the message.

Danu Chroi clarifies Galaxy Galleria tragedy

The governing council of Danu Chroi has issued the following statement regarding a recent news story about one of their co-founders.

We thank the Galaxy Galleria investigators for their concern; the PDA in question was in fact not in Miss Harden’s possession, it had been loaned to a Doctor Alden Sheridan who is no longer in the employ of Danu Chroi. While we were not aware of his present whereabouts, we would like to offer condolences to any friends and family he may have.

While it’s true that Vessa Harden has not been out in public in months, it is due to an ongoing medical condition. She’s recovering in an undisclosed location, and we wish her a speedy recovery. Until then, Aina, and the rest of the Council are keeping a cooperative eye on the Empire.

Danu co-founder ID found in Galleria wreckage

GALAXY GALLERIA – Investigators at the Galaxy Galleria sorting through evidence gathered in the wake of the space mall’s near destruction report that they found a PDA registered to Vessa Harden.

Harden, who helped establish Danu Chroi in the Ancient Expanse in 2654, has not been seen in months. Authorities think she may have perished when Comorro and a large warship from an alien universe collided with the Galleria.

Confederacy president among avalanche missing

KJERNKOR, HEKAYT PRIME – Vadim Tostanovich, president of the Orion Confederacy in the Ancient Expanse, is missing at this hour, along with several dozen other climbers on Mount Jerjerral.

A rumbling precursor to an eruption of the active volcano in the planet’s western hemisphere is thought to be the cause of an avalanche that swept down the south face of the peak.

Search crews have been dispatched to the scene. More information will be released as it becomes available.