CAPE CANAVERAL, EARTH – Scientists studying the message received from the Pinnacle exploration ship say that further investigation has determined that the three-word message “They are coming” is more complicated than that. Each letter and space within the message has been imbued with data in a sort of quantum encryptionContinue Reading

The governing council of Danu Chroi has issued the following statement regarding a recent news story about one of their co-founders. We thank the Galaxy Galleria investigators for their concern; the PDA in question was in fact not in Miss Harden’s possession, it had been loaned to a Doctor AldenContinue Reading

GALAXY GALLERIA – Investigators at the Galaxy Galleria sorting through evidence gathered in the wake of the space mall’s near destruction report that they found a PDA registered to Vessa Harden. Harden, who helped establish Danu Chroi in the Ancient Expanse in 2654, has not been seen in months. AuthoritiesContinue Reading

KJERNKOR, HEKAYT PRIME – Vadim Tostanovich, president of the Orion Confederacy in the Ancient Expanse, is missing at this hour, along with several dozen other climbers on Mount Jerjerral. A rumbling precursor to an eruption of the active volcano in the planet’s western hemisphere is thought to be the causeContinue Reading