The question came up today whether I’m going to run activities on the legacy MUSH (the telnet platform where OtherSpace got its start), as well as on the Slack site.

I thought I’d made it pretty clear when I announced the creation of the Slack site that it was largely motivated by my inability to be on the MUSH at convenient times to generate activity. If that wasn’t clear enough, I’ll try again:

I can carry Slack with me absolutely everywhere that my smartphone can go. New people can find OtherSpace a lot easier and, hopefully, stick with it. When new people arrive, they see our most recent conversations – they don’t see a MUSH who list with a handful of people and totally quiet channels. I get notified when new posts go up on Slack, prompting me to check in and respond. It is an ideal platform for what I see the game evolving into at this time.

I don’t have time to try to foster the Slack site while prodding the corpse of the telnet MUSH with a stick every once in a while.

I’m keeping the MUSH online because 1) some people seem really devoted to lurking on it and 2) it costs nothing extra to keep it. If action happens there, though, it’s up to the players. All my efforts for the foreseeable future are dedicated to the Slack site.

By Brody

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