The Ebola Browndell crisis continues in the Cape Canaveral spaceport… The good news is that special lamps and herbal tea remedies seem to have helped, at the very least, slow the onset of symptoms for people in the base. But reports from the brig indicate that the Texan saboteur hasContinue Reading

Here’s a look inside the narrative development process for the new “Knee Deep” swamp noir adventure that we’re working on at Prologue Games. Curiously enough, my experience as a storyteller on OtherSpace informs what I’m doing now far more than my work in the MMORPG sphere.

The action picks up where Vector Control left off… Busby walks into the lounge in his usual civilian-style attire, but with buggy eyes and drooping mouth that tend to suggest he’d almost certainly prefer to be in a hazmat suit. Or perhaps in an entirely different city. He settles intoContinue Reading

Not everyone’s a fan of the OtherSpace reboot. A guest logged on the other day – someone who apped for a character long ago, got approved, played a couple of scenes and then “life got in the way.” “The post a while back of axing idled characters left a badContinue Reading