Three updates this week? What is the world coming to?!

Last night I discussed short term plans and some ideas… Have had some interest and feedback so far, and appreciate it.

With that being said, I can announce the following:

Coruscant has been built!

Yes! The center of power for the Galactic Empire is completed! Ten rooms to start.. More to add if needed/requested down the road. I do not want to have 1,000 rooms for players to run around in at the start… I’d like to have 7-10 worlds to play on, giving a little variety but each one a size, and with general areas that will help RP be centralized.

Next, on to the spice mines of Kessel! I do not think this will be a ten room zone.. Expect a prison, and some mines. The main plan for it will for it to be used for mining minerals.

Once Kessel is completed, I anticipate starting on Tatooine (I suspect this will be 15~ rooms because of the amount of potential this particular planet has).

So, we are moving along! At some point I will need to develop the list of playable races! I would like to here what YOU have to think about what races should be playable!