SAN ANGELES, EARTH – Parallax diplomats today sent word to Consortium government headquarters on Earth that it may soon release imprisoned “spy” Lenore Browder. Browder, an analyst with the Consortium Intelligence Service who superiors insist never worked as a field agent, was taken into custody by the Nall on GrimlahdContinue Reading

July 2650: The Red Eclipse mercenaries start their hunt for Halffang Whitestar on Ungstir… Rock and a Hard Place Tavern: A small haven apart the bustle of the crowded nexus corridors, Rock and a Hard Place is a carven retreat from the demands of industry and the harsh pragmatics ofContinue Reading

Vindir Obza braces a hand against the frame of the shuttle’s exit hatch, the other hand clutched close at his right side. He wasn’t sure he’d make it to Impiruil Baile. Almost stopped caring. His troubles, he knew, were close to over. One way or another, the Aukami’s fight wouldn’tContinue Reading

Effective immediately, players are no longer required to submit a biography to get a character onto the OtherSpace grid. Players can create a character, go aboard Sol Station, pick their race and gender, and then head onto the grid to start their adventure in the Orion Arm. Players who submitContinue Reading