Congratulations to nickpalaz0123 (also known as Razorback, Vrex, Fedya, and more) on his second consecutive month as our OtherSpace Player of the Month. As a reward, he gets a $25 Amazon gift certificate! The PotM is chosen based on roleplaying activity, community engagement, retweets of OtherSpace-related links, and other socialContinue Reading

A stunned audience watches as an underclasser warrior in the Alhira arena howls and leaps into an observation balcony, clawing at the throat of noble patriarch Thornpaw Whitestar. The gladiator is quickly cut down by Whitestar’s bodyguards. But it turns out that was just a diversion for the handful ofContinue Reading

A holographic representation of the Vox, Gris of Hatch Vril, appears in mid-air. She’s surrounded by orbs representing the worlds of the Parallax – Nalhom, Lebal, Vollista, Ist’thol’mek, Grimlahd. “Our goddess is pleased with what we have accomplished so far,” the Vox intones. “But she knows we can do more.Continue Reading

Following the announcement to begin exploration efforts, Galactix can’t resist the chance to flex his exploratory muscles once again and experience open space. Ensuring an adequate supply of fuel, he departs Sol, heading towards the galactic Southwest, and what lies beyond. “Yezzyezz,” mutters the Lotorian known as Vizgwyr as heContinue Reading