Brody: How did you use the Dominion system to build the Orion Confederacy?

Razorback: The Orion Confederacy was built up by several characters +crafting planets through the system. Players also +crafted the ships which make up the Confederacy Fleet, and the actual colony which has become New Resilience.

Brody: Did you tie the use of this coded system into RP activities?

Razorback: Absolutely. The most clear example I can think of was the Trade Defense Force. Now, prior to Dominion, there were two ways to make money. +crafting items and running cargo. Now, neither of these pursuits suited Razorback very well, but if I had an organization, I had to pay people, didn’t I. Since we were attacking pirates, I decided to use the Pirate Raid objects as a source of income. Not quite the intention, I know, but it works. For that, I needed a Freighter, a Pirate Raid event card, Target Routes Schedule, Tier 1 True Grit, and lots of Fuel Reserves. To get the freighter, I did some RP with Dement, who had the engineering skill needed to build it. I also put an article in the news telling about the new TDF ship being built. That done, I ran an event in the Forgotten Quarter of Comorro to coincide with the purchase of the Trade Route Schedules. The TDF members who attended were sent to make contact with a Lyiri who had information on the location of a hidden pirate base. He had, unfortunately, been kidnapped by said pirates, so a second event was held to rescue him. This done, I then ran an event to coincide with the actual raid, +crafted the item, sold it, and paid the characters involved. There are other examples, of course, but this one is the most simple one.

Brody: What are the benefits of having the Dominon items as placeholders for assets?

Razorback: Well, for one thing, it’s nice to have a clear idea of what resources we have available at a moment’s notice without having to pester admin every time. We know how many ships we have, how many planets, everything. Secondly, it means that we have a way to track who is in possession of each thing. If I give someone my fleet, that means that I can’t use it at the same time they are. That’s an extreme example of course, but it bears out with smaller stuff as well.

Brody: How else can Dominion be used to generate RP?

Razorback: Honestly, I find the possibilities limitless. From large-scale +orgs, to small cooperations between players. Run an event with someone, split the SP cost for the gig, get paid. Use the money to buy equipment from crafters, pay other players for components you need. I could go on ad nauseum.

Brody: What advice do you have for other groups that want to build up using the Dominion sytem?

Razorback: Don’t use it! Let us have all the cool toys! Seriously though, just get out there and get to work. Don’t have the skill you need? Find someone who does, run scenes with them. It’s a great way to encourage the people in your organization to get out there and do things.

Thanks to Razorback for answering these questions!

By Brody

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