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[OTHERSPACE AUDIO LOG] No. 5: “Kemetti’s Carnage”

The fifth installment in my new series of audio log re-enactments of OtherSpace scenes – bringing the old real-time improv text…continue reading

[HOUSEKEEPING] Activity Recap: OtherSpace is back in action!

The Slack experiment is still relatively new, but so far it is proving to be a great success. Thus far,…continue reading

[HOUSEKEEPING] OtherSpace: From MUSH to Slack

A quick video explaining the evolution of OtherSpace from the text-based MUSH to the Slack chat interface! Use Slackpass to…continue reading

[SLACK ROLEPLAYING LOG] #rp-demaria _ The Cave

Not far from where the Stubtooth Mountains fall to the Sand Mother, and a long ways from Alhira, a crack…continue reading