A question that’s come up a few times:

“Hey, Brody, I’ve got this planet object from Dominion burning a hole in my pocket. Or maybe it’s a virulent disease. Whatever. I want a planet. How’s that work?”

Well, good question, glad you asked, and I hope you see a doctor about that itch. Anyway, planets crafted in Dominion that say you can redeem them with an admin can, as they say, be redeemed with an admin. You +str for it, the staffer builds a world for you – with descs you supply, in most circumstances, the staffer spaces the world in CSpace, gives you the coordinates, takes your planet object that you’re just begging to get rid of, and then you can do with the planet as you will.

Hopefully, you’ll hold some kind of exploration RP with a crew on your ship to discover the new world, but this is in no way required.

By Brody

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