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Homeworld B'hira


A race of psionic arachnoids native to the icy world of B'hira in Hiverspace, which they share with the felinoid Lyiri. Individual B'hiri are technically hermaphrodites, capable of changing sex as needed between the violent, aggressive male phase and the calmer, more intellectual female phase.

B'hiri were one of the more powerful species in Hiverspace, but were recently engaged in a protracted war with the Il'Ri'Kamm Hive Mind that lasted over 60 years. The Il'Ri'Kamm used captive members of other species as slave warriors, and were quite successful in wearing the B'hiri down through attrition. The B'hiri faced defeat and extinction until, in 2650, they allied with one such group of warriors to destroy the Hivers.

In addition to their military exploits, B'hiri culture is notable as a thriving center of the galactic entertainment industry.

Physical Data



Famous Figures

  • Okaskatitch: B'hiri leader who helped thwart the efforts of the Il'Ri'Kamm Hive Mind in 2650. Died shortly after teleporting aboard Sanctuary. However, an alternate version of him exists in the post-Multiverse Rift Crisis variant of Hiverspace.



Despite being a fairly civilized and advanced race, almost all B'hiri are taught to hunt and fight as both part of their tradition and as a means to help positively redirect the violent tendencies of the male. There are exceptions of course, but these are fairly rare.

Family Structure

B'hiri pairings are unique in that both individuals in a couple can and do take on the role of mother or father.

Because of this B'hiri mate for life, making their choice of mate a very careful one with a few important considerations taken. Above all else, a mating pair must have offset cycles, leaving them to each take turns to be the one inseminating or laying eggs.

When in the female mating cycle, B'hiri will carry egg pouches on their abdomen<Note: Someone look up the proper term for me, dammit. I'm too arachnophobic to stand looking at the picture long enough. x.x <3 -Tia>, and once the eggs have hatched, their babies will continue to ride upon their mother until they've grown enough.

B'hiri in the male mating cycle will take the majority of responsibility for feeding the young and their mate, often going hunting in the wild to alleviate some of the heightened tendency towards violence the increase in hormones causes. This both serves as an outlet and a way to protect their own young. By the time their young have grown enough to begin learning to hunt, the male's hormone level has dropped a sufficient amount to make dealing with their young a less dangerous prospect.

Education and Careers

Basic education is the responsibility of the parent, and B'hiri society doesn't have any public school structure. Further education is often directed towards either the Military or the Entertainment industry, however in more recent years several schools focusing on other careers have become more popular. The most common of these alternate career focuses is within the fields of Computers and Programming, Genetic Engineering, General Medical Science or Veterinary Science.

Sports and Games

Religion and Ceremonies

The B'hiri do not follow any burial rituals, it is common custom for B'hiri to consume the recently dead.

Language, Phrases, and Naming Conventions

B'hiri names are made to sound like chittering, thereby using a combination of sounds like 'chit' or 'ritch' and harder 'k' and 'c' sounds.

Examples include:

  • Clankritch
  • Schiktichit
  • Klakrichit
  • Chittik



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