Month: October 2014

OtherSpace Clip Show No. 1 available!

We’ve reached the first Patreon fundraising milestone, so I’ve uploaded the first OtherSpace clip show PDF featuring excerpts from RP scenes that took place between 1999 and 2002. You may see some familiar names in there! Clip Show No. 1 is available to all, but only patrons will have access to subsequent clip shows.

Thanks to Extra Life participants!

Just wanted to thank the folks who RPed with Panderyn (and Albert the station AI) during the Extra Life marathon. Specifically: Maxwell, Reynaldus, Tilsworth, Kinako, and Maurice. I had fun and I hope you did too! Plus, we raised $880 for kids at Duke Children’s Hospital. Huzzah! Donations are accepted until Dec. 31, BTW!

Extra Life 2014 Marathon RP: Albert Online

Through the window, the first construction shuttle can be seen angling away from the station on its way back to Earth after successfully attaching the medical pod. Maurice sits at the large window. The Texan’s hat floats above his head. “God’s speed.” He murmurs. “Attention, Ulm Station personnel,” states the voice of Omar Panderyn over…

Extra Life Marathon 2014 RP: Expansion Plan

Omar Panderyn drifts into the lab, PDA in one hand, as he speaks into a commlink: “Acknowledged. Awaiting their arrival. Panderyn out.” Maxwell looks up from his computer chair, something paused on screen momentarily. “Morning.” “Morning,” the station chief replies with a smile. “What’s our status?” Maxwell stretches a bit “Just reviewing the results of…