they-took-our-jobsJobs are now craftable again for IC credits, with some significant major changes. First, there’s no longer a Dominion category. Just type +items jobs for the available gigs. Everything is also now fairly uniform, with primary differences being in the skills required to do the jobs.

All entry-level jobs require an Employment Kiosk for equipment and a Basic RP Widget as a component, and pay 300 credits. Advanced jobs require the kiosk for equipment and an Advanced RP Widget as a component, and pay 800 credits. Lead gigs require the kiosk for equipment and a Superior RP Widget, and pay 2,000 credits. All gigs cost 100 SP to process.

You’ll need to earn Basic RP Widgets to make the Advanced and Superior RP Widgets. Basic RP Widgets can be earned through participation in logged scenes, posting logs of events you’ve run on the community site, writing news articles, and posting creative stories and works of art inspired by your adventures in OtherSpace.

By Brody

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