In the Lamplighter Tavern on Citadel Base, people have gathered for a celebration – a sendoff for Vanguard personnel who are going with Sanctuary to defend her, and a last hurrah for the ones who must stay behind to face the coming onslaught of the Kretonians…

On the Holo-Viewer: The Consortium Broadcasting Network logo appears on the holovid.

Daerius looks over to the Holo Viewer.

Fireeyes, with a rather large mug filled to the brim, looks to the Holo-viewer.

Melissa is sitting at the bar, “Well…i think today’s gonna kind of be a free for all Mr. Rackman..won’t really matter WHERE we sit..”

Ta’isgrup similarly moves over to the holo-video to see.

Denick turns his gaze from those entering to the Holo-viewer.

Rackman shrugs and places the chair back, “ok, suit yourself” He sits back down and looks to the Holoviewer.

Newt grabs a drink (whitish looking.. possibly milk without the mixer 😉 and plants his butt down at a small table.

On the Holo-Viewer: A Castori newscaster appears onscreen, and says, “Good evening to all our viewers throughout the Fringe and Stellar Consortium. First in the news: Odysseus, the home of Lord Fagin the Pirate King, a planetoid tucked between two black holes – has fallen into one of the black holes, a catastrophe caused – apparently – by a ship exploding close enough to knock Odysseus off kilter. It is unknown how many casualties resulted – or if Lord Fagin was among them.”

Fireeyes along with many other patrons raise a glass in toast of the news.

Ta’isgrup’s left tentacle bobs up and down at the news of the loss of life and you can distinctly feel the displeasure in the Centauran

Startripper takes a seat, not taking his eyes off of the holoviewer.

Newt grins happily at that news.

Melissa nods to the bartender as he places a bug of stormy brown liquid in front of her.

Melissa lifts her glass and moves to rackman’s table taking a seat and whispering something.

Ta’isgrup’s body moves around and faces Newt, a voice appears in your heads, “You condone such loss of life?”

On the Holo-Viewer: “It is believed that the loss of Odysseus also resulted in the loss of any cure to the Legion virus,” the Castori adds.”

Melissa whispers to Rackman.

Denick snorts, and mutters “Bloody bastard derserved it, gets to keep all the people he sent down those things company now…”

Daerius says nothing.

Fireeyes looks to the Centauran, he smirks and realizes somebody will correct him.

Newt’s grin drops at the news, “Shit.”

Fireeyes hmms, “Not good.”

Startripper says, “I wouldn’t doubt Fagin made it out and still has the cure with him.”

Rackman smiles as Melissa sits down at his table, “I know” He whispers something back to her.

On the Holo-Viewer: “Next,” says the Castori, “we go to Ungstir Prime, where our correspondent, Emil Danziger, is speaking with Ungstiri citizens about life in the firing line. Sensor nets indicate the massive Kretonian battle fleet – with additional spoils gathered from the wrecked Clawed Fist Fleet of the Parallax – is moving toward the shattered worlds of Ungstir on their sweep through known space…”

Denick frowns, “Damn…”

Melissa suddenly looks up at the viewer, her focus on that.

Rackman whispers to Melissa.

Denick frowns harder, “Hell…”

Melissa’s eyes darken as she watches the news.

Fireeyes boos and throws beer nuts at the mention of Kretonians.

Rackman looks back to the viewscreen.

Newt stops fidgeting and just stares at the viewer.

Melissa tosses a glare in Fireeyes’ direction before focusing back on the TV.

Starr arrives from Promenade <SCB Citadel>.

Blackface arrives from Promenade <SCB Citadel>.

Melissa is sitting at a table with Rackman, a mug of a stormy dark brown liquid in her hand and her eyes focused darkly on the holo-vid

On the Holo-Viewer: The image switches to a squat, broad-shouldered Ungstiri man with dark hair and pale skin, wearing a microphone headset as he looks grimly into the camera: “Thank you, Apachin. The mood here tonight can perhaps best be described as defiant. The Ungstiri – a people known for sticking to their guns and facing down would-be oppressors – seem to be making no exception this time…”

Blackface steps in, looking around at the crowd, then to the vid.

Daerius sits at the bar, empty glass in front of him, and light eyes focused on the Holo-viewer passively.

Melissa smiles a bit of a tight smile, “My brothers there.” she says softly.

Fireeyes is at the bar, with a few other routy patrons, each of them with a large mug of his Hometown favorite.

Ta’isgrup is hovering near the holo-vid, probably in the way of some viewers.

Teel arrives from Promenade <SCB Citadel>.

On the Holo-Viewer: Emil Danziger turns to a male Ungstiri in a militia uniform. “I’m here with Franc Hernandez, a captain in the local system militia and commander of the UMS Tempest. Captain, how are your crews prepared to deal with the coming threat?”

Newt’s sitting at a table by himself witha glass of milk in front of him, staring at the holoviewer.

Starr quietly walks over to the bar, making as little noise as possible.

Rackman sits back with out a drink and watches the Holo screen. He takes good notes as things are reported in. His attention turns from there and then to Melissa. He smiles as he just looks at her but hoping she doesn’t catch him.

Daerius looks over to Starr and nods a greeting.

On the Holo-Viewer: The captain raises an eyebrow, smiles wryly and says, “It’s Fernandez, Mr. Danziger.”

On the Holo-Viewer: Emil nods. “Yes, yes, fine. And? How are they preparing?”

Startripper heads into Promenade <SCB Citadel>.

One of the beernuts, decideing its had enough of conforming to physics, zips back over Fireeye’s glass, and *plunk* in.

Melissa blinks, sitting up eyes opening a bit at the man on the tv, “That’s him.” she says excitedly.

Blackface leans up against the wall, crossing his arms.

Teel clomps in, then grins at Newt. “NEWT!” She heads over to him.

Fireeyes licks his lips and plops one into the others glasses and they race to see who can drink their way to it.

Rackman suddenly looks to the man on TV. He notes what he looks like and then relaxes and leans back in the chair, “your brother?”

On the Holo-Viewer: Captain Fernandez clasps his hands behind his back, glances at the camera, then back to Emil. “Well, the way we prepare for any external threat. We’re running routine drills, and keeping active patrols out along the perimeter of the system. I’m not going to go into all the details – for security purposes – but suffice it to say, we are ready.”

Newt startles and looks about, “Teel? Hey! They’re doing a piece on Ungstir…”

Melissa smiles ever so slightly watching her brother on the holo-viewer.

Newt’s head turns back to the HV.

On the Holo-Viewer: Emil smiles. “Not going to let some mouthy aliens chase us off our adopted homeworlds here are we, Captain?”

“No,” the captain replies, “we’re –”

An alarm klaxon suddenly wails in the background on the holovid. The correspondent and the soldier look around in surprise.

Starr is about to raise her hand in salute to Daerius, but instead tries a rather lame wave.

Kai arrives from Promenade <SCB Citadel>.

Kai wanders in and takes a seat at the bar.

Teel rushes over to look at the set, regardless of who is in the way. “Oh, nononono…”

Melissa blinks, tensing slighlty, she brings her mug up emptying half its contents though her eyes never leave the screen.

Ta’isgrup’s tentacle goes up and blocks the view of the tv.

Blackface furrows his brow, straightening up a tad.

Denick’s eyes snap about, before noting the source of the alarms is the HV…

“…I think the fates were listening.” Daerius says very quietly.

Ta’isgrup puts its tentacle down quickly as it realises that it’s blocking the view.

Melissa’s eyes begin to gleam nervously.

Newt gets up off his seat and closes in on the set too, pushing past anyone in his way no matter how loudly they protest.

Fireeyes is sitting with a group of bar patrons guzzling beer hastily as it runs over their chins.

On the Holo-Viewer: Fernandez turns to Emil and says, “Hate to break off the interview, Mr. Danziger, but I’m on call.”

“Mind if we come along?” Emil asks. “We’ve got clearance.”

The captain growls, but nods. “Fine, come on. Stay out of the way!”

Melissa, her way now blocked by the others, she stands, mug in hand and rushes to join them closer to the vid.

Rackman notes the bar is filling with too many people for his comfort. He looks to Melissa as he stands, “If you will excuse me, I must step out for some air. He places his chiar under the table, “maybe I’ll see you around again”

Starr furrows her brow as she orders a beer.

Melissa seems oblivious to Rackman, her eyes on the vid.

Denick curses slightly, “Damn…”

Kai turns to the viewer curiously.

On the Holo-Viewer: The camera follows the correspondent and the soldier through the scattering crowds of Ungstiri citizens, and works its way toward the spaceport facility on Ungstir Prime.

Rackman just shakes his head and heads out of the bar.

Kai orders his usual from the barkeep, all the while keeping his eyes on the viewer.

Denick frowns, standing on his chair slightly to get a better view of the HV, “I’ve got a bad feeling about this…”

Melissa flips her head, tossing an angry glare at Denick, “They’re pros. Frank’s got this covered.”

Ta’isgrup’s form bobs up and down in agreement with Denick and you can feel the bad vibes that emanate from it.

Teel is slackjawed, standing next to Newt. “Oh…this is it.” She takes a small object out of her pocket, clutching it.

Melissa’s voice is edged with fear and nervousness but maintains a certain amount of trust.

Rackman heads into Promenade <SCB Citadel>.

On the Holo-Viewer: Emil Danziger and Captain Fernandez climb aboard a destroyer-class ship called the Tempest. The camera follows them to the command center. Fernandez barks orders to the bridge crew, getting the ship fired up for launch.

“What’s the situation?” the captain demands.

A crewman answers, “Kretonian fleet, sir – closing in fast, just inside the system. Our perimeter pickets already engaged them.”

“And?” Fernandez asks.

The crewman looks nervously at the camera, then back at Fernandez, and just silently shakes his head.

Blackface pulls over his own chair, climbing up on it to add to his own six and a half feet.

Newt just nods, watching the HV.

Kai watches even more intently at the mention of the Kretonians, “Already at Ungstir?”

Denick ‘s eyes are locked on the HV, and he murmurs, “God save them…”

Melissa doesn’t respond to Kai, her attention focused completely on the screen.

Snowshadow arrives from Promenade <SCB Citadel>.

Snowshadow has arrived.

On the Holo-Viewer: Fernandez nods. The ship launches from Ungstir Prime. Emil Danziger urges the camera operator to a viewport on the bridge, out of the way of the action among the consoles. Fernandez can still be heard in the background, calling out orders. Through the viewport, in the distance beyond the bumpy arc of Ungstir Prime – a glittering field of flashing metal and blazing weapons fire.

Kai continues to watch the viewer, drink in hand but forgoten.

Teel clutches the object in her hands even more, her eyes never leaving the screen. “Come on, come on…you can do it…”

Melissa takes a deep breath at the view.

Melissa whispers softly almost to herself, “Come on, Franky..”

Ta’isgrup turns back to the holo-vid and you feel his anticipation and his concern for the people of Ungstir

Kai mutters, “Jeez, lotsa buggers.”

Newt keeps silent. He just stands there rigid as a board and slowly nibbling his lower lip.

Snowshadow slips in quietly, attention quickly turning to the same screen that seems to draw everyone else’s as well.

Fireeyes and his buds stop drinking to watch the HV in awe and unusual silence.

On the Holo-Viewer: Emil Danziger begins to narrate: “We’ve just taken off from Ungstir Prime aboard the militia vessel Tempest. We’re massing, it seems, with about two dozen regular and volunteer militia ships – from fighters and scouts to a few destroyers about the size of Tempest. Those lights you see in the distance…well, that’s the battle going on with the perimeter pickets and the main body of the Kretonian fleet…”

The room is silent except the occasional sound of a patron praying, everyone’s attention seems to be focused on the holo-viewer.

Rathmon arrives from Promenade <SCB Citadel>.

Starr watches silently, jaw clenched.

Fireeyes shakes his head in disbelief and wants to turn away, but forces himself to watch…

On the Holo-Viewer: In the background, Captain Frank Fernandez speaks calmly, “All right, helm – coordinate with the rest of the militia group. Let’s break off and assemble amidst the debris field.”

Melissa inhales and exhales deeply as if in anticipation of something.

Kai continues to watch, glass gripped tightly in his hand.

On the Holo-Viewer: Emil Danziger narrates, speaking softly: “The Tempest is going to move into position to take advantage of the sensor blinding effects of dust and debris in the Ungstir rock field. That may give us a jump on our adversaries…”

Teel nods. “That’s th’real deal, Fernandez, use th’rocks on those hoopheads!”

Kai mutters, “Vape the buggers cappy.”

Melissa’s silence is broken momentarily as Teel speaks, a small grin spreading on her face, “They’ve got the best in the fleet out there, Ma’am..if anyone can take ’em he can.”

On the Holo-Viewer: The Kretonian battle fleet – dozens of vessels, some Kretonian but others quite clearly Nall in design – grows larger and larger in the viewport as Tempest moves in among the smaller chunks of debris.

Daneel arrives from Promenade <SCB Citadel>.

Volestad arrives from Promenade <SCB Citadel>.

Daneel heads in and grins. “Going away party?”

Kai ignores Daneel compleetly, still fixated on the viewer.

Volestad enters the bar with Daneel. He glances around the crowd, and begins to glow with yellow light.

Denick quickly steps off the chair, and winds his way towards the holoviewer, trying to get a look at it as well…

The room is mostly silent, everyones attention focused on the holo-vid. A bit closer then most to the vid are gathered a small group of Ungstiri.

Ta’isgrup hushes Daneel telepathically and points with its tentacles to the holo-vid, “Watcha nd shhh”

On the Holo-Viewer: Captain Fernandez can be heard in the background: “All of them? Dear God…” Then he seems to remember he’s on live holovision. “We’re receiving no further reports from the pickets. It’s up to us, people.”

Daneel nods, grabbing a beer from the bar…

Melissa’s breathing speeds up a little, “Come on bro..” she urges him on quietly.

Volestad peers at the holovid, his height enabling him to get a clear view, even from the back.

Starr is one of the few not watching the screen. She quietly sits, sipping her beer, the reaction of the crowd news enough for her.

Teel explodes with a swear word, then pleads with the screen, “Come on, come on…”

Rathmon sits back shaking his head.

Brightclaw arrives from Promenade <SCB Citadel>.

Ta’isgrup’s form is bobbing up and down, left and right, in obvious impatience….

Daerius’s expression is impassive.

Daneel looks in shock towards the holoviewer, not even lifting his beer to his mouth.

On the Holo-Viewer: As the fleet continues to close, more flashes of light can be seen. “Antimatter limpet mines!” Emil cries excitedly. The blasts cripple one of the Kretonian ships and obliterate three of the Nall ships. The others stop long enough to scan the field in front of them – and begin detonating the mines from a distance with long range energy cannons.

Daneel moves silently toards teh holoviewer, trying to get a better view.

Melissa’s ‘Ungstiri Sunrise’ sits in a mug in her hand, the hand that holds it gripping it tightly.

Sharpeye arrives from Promenade <SCB Citadel>.

Fireeyes refrains from throwing a beer nut as Ta slightly blocks his view when he moved a little to the right.

Newt groans, “Dammit.”

Gunn enters the bar, looks around, and joins Volestad and Daneel.

Melissa grimaces, “Pull the rabbit..pull the rabbit.”

Kai almost throws the drink all over the room, as the Kretonians are damaged. But he quickly calms down as the Krets disable the mines.

On the Holo-Viewer: Captain Fernandez can be heard in the background: “Launch the torp drones.” Then, through the viewport, dozens of gleaming missiles rocket through the debris field on trajectories toward the enemy fleet.

Daneel motions for Gunn to join him, a beer open and full in his hand.

Gunn takes a drink of whiskey

Sharpeye walks in from the corridor.

Fireeyes leans forward as the drones are launched in anticipation…

Volestad peers at the holovid. His aura is flickering with blue, and purple, and streaks of red and yellow crack through it, like lightening.

Teel nods. “What she said, give em th’rabbit!”

Blackface teeters on the edge of his chair, rocking back and forth on his heels, his tail swishing quickly.

Kai noticing sharp, points to the viewer and says, “Hey Sharp, look. Ungstiri takin’ on the Krets!”

On the Holo-Viewer: As the torp drones close in, the forward Kretonian ships begin emitting pulses of shield energy that deflect the torpedoes. The fleet continues to move closer to Ungstir Prime.

Denick mutters, “Thats right boys, give ’em hell…”

Sharpeye turns his attentions to the holo-viewer.

Snowshadow paces over toward Starr, attention divided between her and the screen as he approaches. Once he closes, he lowers his voice and speaks to her, attention no longer divided. “You should watch this, Ophelia.”

Rathmon watches the screen sadly.

Fireeyes grins rather menacingly, almost ready to throw all his beer nuts, but instead guzzles some more Demarian wine.

On the Holo-Viewer: Some of the drifting rocks in the debris field rotate mechanically and ports open in them, allowing mass driver quad-guns to poke out and begin firing off shots at the incoming antagonists.

Daneel goes over to Volestad, and whispers to him.

Melissa nods in approval, “Good..good.”

Kai mutters, “Yea, that’s it.”

Starr looks at Snowshadow. “You believe so?” She rises and walks over to look at the screen, her gaze cool.

Melissa is leaning forward now, her elbows on her knees.

On the Holo-Viewer: The mass drivers take the Kretonians by surprise, at first, slamming into the hull of one of the smaller patrol ships and breaching it into space.

Newt grins, “Yeah… give em the rocks!”

Yama arrives from Promenade <SCB Citadel>.

Teel raises a fist in the air. “You betcha!”

Daneel shakes his head sadly, as if knowing what will come next.

Melissa grins a little, “That’s it, Frank..the secret weapon.”:

On the Holo-Viewer: Captain Fernandez shouts, “That’s it, that’s it! Keep at it!”

Volestad looks toward Daneel for a moment, and nods in response.

Ta’isgrup wonders how many Kretonian vessels would be left by now?

Yama comes in, clad in combat boots and a sashed red robe.

Gunn stares at the screen intently. “You know, I’m from Ungstir.”

Denick grins, and says rather loudly, “That’s right, you can take your superior weaponry, and stuff it up your grey little…” the last word is concealed by the shouting of others.

Gunn mutters, “Damn straight.”

Fireeyes joins the pessimism crowd and frown with a large gulp of his order.

On the Holo-Viewer: The Kretonians launch their own automated torpedoes, which begin homing on the mass driver chunks – and blasting them into dust, systematically.

Snowshadow says, “Consider it a lesson in your study of human behavior, if you like. The opposite side of that night on the town I was going to drag you out for.”

Sharpeye sits down at the bar and has Steve give him a quick drink, which he sips lightly, swivelling around to face the screen.

Daneel nods to Gunn. “I know, my friend, but we can’t do much to help them.”

Yama hurries down by Teel, being sure to keeping his legs closed. He starts watching the screen with intent.

Melissa is sitting with a group of mostly Ungstiri watching the vids. She is leaning forward, her elbows on her knees and a mug in her hand. There is an almost familial similarity between the man on the screen and herself.

Denick frowns as the MD rounds are systematically destroyed, “That can’t be good…”

Rathmon seems to be evaluating the battle.

Starr nods to Snowshadow, then says to Gunn in her calm voice, “It seems that tonight, we are all Ungstiri.”

Melissa grimaces a little, “It’s’s ok.” she says encouragingly, “There’s still defenses left..their shields aren’t very strong.”

Daneel looks very sad, but not surprised, by the destruction of the mass-drivers.

On the Holo-Viewer: “There’s nothing left,” Captain Fernandez says, “except us. Mr. Danziger!” The camera swivels around toward Fernandez, who can be seen standing on the bridge, surrounded by crew at their stations with grim faces.

“Yes?” Danziger asks.

“You can take a pod and get off now,” Fernandez says.

After a pause, the camera swerves back to Danziger. “No,” the correspondent says. “I’m not going anywhere.”

Volestad’s expression remains passive, but his halo flickers violently with blue and purple.

Daerius stands up and walks out.

Daerius heads into Promenade <SCB Citadel>.

Kai begins to frown, remembering what the Krets did to the Galactix.

Fireeyes shakes his head sadly. He and his barfly buds all drink in unison, but not because they’re competing this time…

Rathmon face becomes stone as he grips the bar white knuckled in frustration.

Melissa doesn’t move from her seat, though she seems to swallow a lump that’s beginning to form in her throat, “Don’t give up yet bro..don’t give up.”

Daneel looks at Melissa. “They don’t have to break the shields to kill them, do they?”

MacDonald arrives from Promenade <SCB Citadel>.

On the Holo-Viewer: The captain nods, a faint smile passing across his face, just a ghost of one, for a moment. Then he looks to his crew. “Let’s go, people. Let’s show em the real meaning of Ungstiri tough!”

MacDonald walks in quietly..

Karith arrives from Promenade <SCB Citadel>.

Kai mutters, “Give’em hell Cappy.”

Sharpeye sips his drink, eyes flicking from one side of the screen to the other. “They should nuke ’em,” Sharpeye murmurs to himself. “Just send out a disruption field and nuke the entire fleet.”

On the Holo-Viewer: Through the viewport, motion can be seen – Tempest and the other militia vessels are sweeping out of the debris field, launching a final assault against the invaders.

Teel doesn’t even notice Yama, amazingly enough. “Oh…” She then fiercely yells, “Give those hoop heads hell!”

Daneel bows his head, unwilling to see good men die.

Karith takes Zangali Canal Water – 3741.

Ta’isgrup freezes in silent hope.

Fireeyes, upon hearing the last phrase of the Captain, silently mutters a few hopeful words.

Gunn takes a drink of whiskey

MacDonald slips in behind Melissa and quickle whispers a few words..

On the Holo-Viewer: Through the viewport, the flagship of the Kretonian fleet grows larger and larger – Fernandez has clearly chosen the choicest catch to pursue. The Tempest’s guns begin blazing, hammering into the hull of the Kretonian ship.

Daneel drops the beer, not even flinching at it breaks upon the decking.

Melissa doesn’t move her eyes from the screen as if they could will them on by watching, “Come on..” she keeps muttering softly.

MacDonald whispers to Melissa.

Denick adds his shouts to the others, “Give ’em blood and blaster fire boys!”

Melissa ignores MacDonald, eyes focused on the screen, “Come on bro! thats it!”

Kai clenches his glass yet harder, pushing it towards the breaking point.

Starr watches the final attack of the Tempest, nodding her head. No real reaction but the fire of her stormy grey eyes.

Volestad remains silent and expressionless, save for the show of angry violet light around him. His eyes remain fixed on the screen.

MacDonald frowns, focusing on the screen.. “They can’t be serious..” he murmers to himself..

Yama nibbles on a claw.

The whiskey glass in Gunn hands cracks, and shatters. He ignores the blood, and remains still, staring at the screen.

Brightclaw notices Sharpeye and weaves his way over to the bar, nodding to him as he pads over, motioning for a drink absently as he watches the screen.

Karith watches with mute fascination.

Karith takes a drink of gray water.

Fireeyes gets up and throws a wild punch in the air, “YEA!” The others cheer in hopes as well too.

Ta’isgrup yells telepathically for everyone to shutup, it is so engrossed in the holo-vid that it doesn’t even notice the responses it gets

On the Holo-Viewer: Through the viewport, three cavities spring open in the mid hull of the Kretonian ship, and leaping from them come three massive quad-cannons that come to bear on the Tempest.

“What the hell are those?” Fernandez can be heard shouting.

The alien guns blaze bright green and constant, then the camera veers wildly…and goes to static…

The excitement that filled the room seems to die, almost as suddenly as it began.

Denick goes slack jawed, and mutters, “And I quote; Jesus H. Christ…”

Karith says, “So this is how it will end,”

Brightclaw furrows his brows, and glances to Sharpeye.

Kai throws his drink at the viewer as hard as he can, growling as the cup breaks on the screen, pooring his drink all over it.

Blackface drops down to the floor, landing solidly. “Elements.”

On the Holo-Viewer: The CBN logo comes onscreen, with the message: STAND BY. TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES.

Volestad closes his eyes. His aura immediately flushes to dark blue.

Melissa drops the mug she held in her hand, it crashes to the floor, breaking the silence. She closes her eyes tightly without a word.

Newt lets out a soft, “noo…” but keeps staring at the screen.

Kai yells, “Naw, Technical Difficulties indeed.”

Denick adds to Karith’s statement grimly, “Yeah, it’ll end in blood…”

Daneel is silent for a moment, and hen raises his eyes, tear to be seen on his cheeks. “Anybody of able body who knows engineering, meet me on board Sanctuary’s flight deck in five minutes. We’re going to get this ship ready.”

Gunn looks down, noticing the blood on his hand. He looks around, confused. “Wha…”

Yama mutters. “Crazy spacers shoulda jumped ship when they found out.”

Kai nods to Daneel, “I’m there.”

“Mr. Olivaw, I must speak with you,” Sharpeye says.

MacDonald shakes his head slowly, “Well..Now that we all know what our fate is..” he shakes his head, “So, howabout drinks on me..give em a full round..” he directs more towards the bar tender..

Melissa opens her eyes slowly and stands, she turns towards Yama rage in her eyes, “What was that?”

Daneel nods to Sharpeye. “Outside?”

Karith takes a drink of gray water.

Daneel heads into Promenade <SCB Citadel>.

Sharpeye heads into Promenade <SCB Citadel>.

Karith heads into Promenade <SCB Citadel>.

Fireeyes raises an eyebrow between the two Vannies.

Teel finally notices Yama. In her hands, she clutches a small chunk of rock. Her eyes are wet and fierce. “You…you just don’t get it.”

Gunn sits, staring dumbly at the blood on his hand.

Kai walks out, stomping and pushing chairs out of his way as he goes.

Rathmon steps away from the bar. “Can I have your attention?”

Kai stops dead in his tracks, to listen to Rathmon.

Denick tears his head away from the HV, and says, “Sir?”

Brightclaw shakes his head and sighs. “Not a bloody chance.”

Snowshadow speaks quietly to Starr. “Join you?” he asks, somber.

Melissa keeps her eyes fixed on Yama, there are definitely tears collected there though they have yet to be released.

Yama’s chair creaks as he moves, tense to face her. “Yes, I do. The murdering bastards just took Ungstir.”

Blackface pulls a comlink from his pocket and speaks quietly into it.

Kai watches Rathmon with a scowl, “What.”

Starr comes rather close to attention as she hears Rathmon.

Rathmon looks over the crowd, a sad look on his face. “Let’s take this moment to honor the memory of those who died, or are dying at this very moment.”

Brightclaw turns en route to the door, and bows his head, letting the lids of his eyes close.

Melissa suddenly tears her eyes away from Yama and towards Rathmon, her jaw clenching slowly, not in anger but remorse and sadness.

Kai nods, then stands silently for a moment.

Newt rubs his eyes, still quietly staring at the screen.

Karith arrives from Promenade <SCB Citadel>.

Denick nods, “Aye, we’ll make them pay in their own damn blood out of the black little hearts for this though…”

Gunn merely slumps forward, his head resting on the table. His shoulders shake with a silent sob.

After a moment, Kai says quietly, “Now let’s use the next moments to ensure that this doesn’t happen to all of us.”

Rathmon points to the blank screen, “Remember the bravery that they have shown today, the sacrifices they have made, and remember. If it takes a century or even a millennium, we will get those bastards.”

Teel meets Yama’s tense stare with one of her own. “And they just bought us time.” She looks at Newt and Melissa and Gunn. “We never surrender, Yama. We go down fighting. Always.”

MacDonald nods slightly and raises an ale filled by the bartender, “Here, here..It’s not a time for sadness..We should celebrate their lives..and the valiance of their deaths..”

A small Castori clad in a Vanguard uniform waddles in, over to Blackface.

Melissa looks to her left and down at where Newt stands and puts a hand on the boys shoulder, squeezing it softly. Her eyes move up to meet Teel’s and she nods slowly, “Went down fighting like we’ve always sworn we would.”

Karith says, “A toast to those who died.”

Rathmon raises his glass.

Denick nods, raising his own glass, “Three cheers for the brave defenders of Ungstir, and more.”

Kai begins walking towards the door again, “I’m not going to waste what their lives bought me. I’m going to help with the repairs of the Sanctuary.”

Gunn stands, not looking at anyone, and stumbles out of the bar.

Kai heads into Promenade <SCB Citadel>.

Gunn heads into Promenade <SCB Citadel>.

Karith takes a drink of gray water.

Rathmon places his glass down.

Blackface leans down and whispers to the Castori. He nods glumly and waddles back out.

Fireeyes and at least a dozen others follow his example of toasting to the Ungstiri defenders.

Melissa takes a glass of ‘Ungstiri sunrise’ that’s been placed on the bar and lifts it, “To the Tempest, her Captain..and her crew.”

Volestad looks to Kai and Gunn as they leave, then says, “Yes…secure what future we have, I think.” and also leaves the bar.

Rathmon raises his class again.

Denick takes a swift drink, and follows the others heading to work on Sanctuary.

Brightclaw mutters quietly about sacrifices as he pushes open the door of the bar.

Brightclaw heads into Promenade <SCB Citadel>.

Volestad heads into Promenade <SCB Citadel>.

Denick heads into Promenade <SCB Citadel>.

Karith takes a drink of gray water.

Melissa then downs the mug in her hand.

Yama squeezes Teel’s hand, stating the question flatly. “But you are going aboard Sanctuary.”

Karith takes a drink of gray water.

Karith finishes off the gray water.

Starr left her drink at the bar, but she does salute the screen, where the defenders of Ungstiri were last seen.

MacDonald tips back his ale, swallowing most of it.. “Well..we shall all have our chance for vengeance..And we shall all have our chance to go out in a glorious blaze of fire..”

Melissa turns slowly to look at MacDonald and swallows, “Are…are the civilians already on Sanctuary?”

Rathmon stands away from the bar, looking at the screen contemplatively.

Teel wipes her eyes with the other hand. “Hoopin straight I am. But…you understand, you just don’t know it yet.”

Karith growls a Grimlahdi prayer for the dead, staring dumbstruck at the projector.

MacDonald turns his gaze to Melissa, “I think so..” he frowns, “Yeah..they are…” His attitude seems to fall lower..more somber..

Ta’isgrup leaves by the door, a thousand emotions pouring from the creature and probably too much for the non-telepathic mind to comprehend.

Ta’isgrup heads into Promenade <SCB Citadel>.

Blackface shakes his head slowly and steps out.

By Brody

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