When the MUSH got its start nearly 16 years ago, it was as if I’d dropped players into the middle of a novel in progress.

Yes, their characters were new and no one had previously collaborated on real-time scenes in this setting, but the universe that they helped bring to life already had a lived-in feeling to it. We had interstellar empires that spanned the western spiral arm of the Milky Way galaxy, faster-than-light travel, and a timeline full of historic events to get everyone off and running.

Now, we’re shaking the Etch-A-Sketch. We’ve hit rewind and erase on the DVR. We’re sanding through the patina, digging down through the layers upon layers of character interactions and plot twists that have carried the MUSH from 1998 to now. We’re going way, way back to the year 2550 – a hundred years before any of the events that started OtherSpace MUSH.

Welcome to Page One.

This time, we’ve only got one species to choose from: Human. Only one small patch of the Orion Arm to call home: Sol System. No FTL yet. No star-spanning empires. No pirate kings. No first contact with aliens. No colonization of worlds beyond our home system. It’s truly a clean slate for a new beginning to our story.

It’s a great opportunity for new players to get involved without the daunting thought of wading through a decade and a half of in-game history – or the sense that the big stories already have been told. After all, classic OtherSpace saw players faced with the price of alien-supplied FTL technology, an invasion that led to adventures across the multiverse and over the centuries in a colony ship, and a crisis that threatened to tear apart the fabric of reality and an evacuation to the Ancient Expanse and Comorro Station.

It’s also a fantastic chance for veteran players – perhaps especially those who joined within the last few years – to experience the OtherSpace adventure from a fresh perspective.

The official opening is June 28 – the official 16th anniversary of the MUSH. However, today I approved the first player-character for the reboot grid, which is already online for people who want to get an early start.

So, if you enjoy reading, writing, creative real-time collaboration, and space opera, you should download SimpleMU or MUSHClient (both for PC) and point them toward OtherSpace at jointhesaga.com port 1790.

Join the reboot!

By Brody

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