Docking Hub (Comorro Station)

Comorro Station isn’t exactly a station. It doesn’t remain in any one place for a significant span of time. It is, in all accuracy, a massive starship – incapable of atmospheric flight – that has been roaming the stars on a voyage that some say has lasted for more than 90-million years.

The vessel is a Yaralu, a sentient spacefaring vessel. Her true full name cannot be spoken in a single day, but is shortened for convenience to Comorro. Several epochs ago, after her final era of fertility ended, she converted the gray-green ribbed chamber of her womb into a docking hub for smaller Yaralu and non-organic vessels. She made it known to the denizens of Hiverspace that she would serve as a neutral outpost for traders and diplomats.

Use of energy and projectile weapons is prohibited aboard Comorro. Violators will be absorbed into the vessel’s nutrient replenishment matrix. She is capable of monitoring almost all chambers within the station for illegal weapons, but some areas – such as the Forgotten Quarter – are lost to her neural pathways and sensory organs.

EXITS: Tradeport