OLYMPIA DOME, MARS — Martian council member Rafael Santiago addressed a group of reporters today outside his council offices on Mars regarding the recently leaked documents suggesting large budget cuts to terraforming research.

“Am I concerned about these cuts? Absolutely I am. Am I outraged that certain councillors hid this in confidential committee report? You better believe I am.” Santiago replied when asked about how he felt that he heard about the report through CBN first.

“I’m confident that if the council, in its infinite wisdom, removes the thirty percent from the research funds that Mars can come up with the funds elsewhere. But, I should point out that while the council is worried about economic growth and finances, that these funds would bring jobs to Mars and other non-Earth worlds. Jobs in the form of science research positions, engineering contracts and other highly specialized positions. Long term growth would be astronomical if we could hit a major breakthrough in terraforming, but that won’t happen if the council pulls funding.” The councillor added.

Before ending his time with reports, Councillor Santiago did have one thing to say, “Thirty million is real money. A lot can be done with that. So I suggest each of you go ask the chairman and the committee members where they plan to spend their newfound money.. Oh, and better bring something to wipe the committees face with since they’ll have all that pork on it from having their heads in the trough.”

By Brody

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