As part of Operation Sandbox, I’ve added eight new badges for players to earn for their creative efforts. They count toward the Participator meta badge:

  • Builder I: Build 10 approved rooms. 150 SP per month.
  • Builder II: Build 25 approved rooms. 200 SP per month.
  • Builder III: Build 75 approved rooms. 250 SP per month.
  • Builder IV: Build 100 approved rooms. 300 SP per month.
  • Creator I: Create 10 approved objects. 150 SP per month.
  • Creator II: Create 25 approved objects. 200 SP per month.
  • Creator III: Create 75 approved objects. 250 SP per month.
  • Creator IV: Create 100 approved objects. 300 SP per month.

By Brody

2 thoughts on “New Operation Sandbox achievements”
    1. Any objects that you create – these may range from docking registries on planets you build to objects made to represent things that you propose as new craftable items. I’ll be working on a guide about them soon.

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