As a ref, I prefer *not* to kill player characters if I can avoid it. Usually, I find a way to let them live. But that’s me, as an admin, letting an OOC desire to save a character and avoid upsetting a player or players both ICly and OOCly.

That doesn’t mean player characters should never die. It also doesn’t mean we’re completely consent-based when it comes to killing other characters. I will *not* forbid one character from killing another if the IC justification is solid and if the one doing the killing is ready to face whatever consequences come from their actions.

If a life-or-death situation arises, I’ll gladly talk it over with both parties before it goes to the final action if people are concerned about consequences.

Hopefully, this makes it clear: While staffers may not be quick to kill off your characters, we don’t control what might happen at the hands of other players. If your actions aggravate people enough ICly, you may find yourself targeted for injury and/or death, and that’s okay – that’s a consequence too.

Upsetting as it might be, it’s my hope that we can all be good sports about it.

By Brody

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