Here are 10 possible roleplaying hooks for a sci-fi journalist character:

  1. Investigative Journalism: Your character is always looking for the next big scoop, and isn’t afraid to dig deep and uncover the truth, no matter how dangerous or controversial it may be. This could lead to all sorts of interesting adventures, from uncovering corporate corruption to exposing government secrets.
  2. War Correspondent: Your character is a seasoned veteran of interstellar conflicts, and has seen the horrors of war up close. They may be jaded or traumatized, but they’re still driven to document the human cost of war and tell the stories of the people caught up in it.
  3. Alien Culture Specialist: Your character is fascinated by the many different alien species in the galaxy, and specializes in covering their cultures, traditions, and customs. This could lead to all sorts of interesting encounters with exotic creatures and civilizations, as well as the occasional misunderstanding or cultural faux pas.
  4. Investigating the Paranormal: Your character is drawn to stories of the supernatural, and is always on the lookout for evidence of ghosts, psychic powers, or other inexplicable phenomena. This could lead to some spooky encounters, as well as plenty of skepticism from more scientifically-minded sources.
  5. Political Reporter: Your character specializes in covering the ins and outs of interstellar politics, from local planetary governments to the vast, labyrinthine bureaucracies of the Galactic Federation. This could involve a lot of wheeling and dealing, as well as the occasional brush with danger or intrigue.
  6. Exposé Writer: Your character is a muckraker, always on the lookout for corruption, scandal, and wrongdoing. They’re not afraid to take on powerful individuals or organizations, and may have a reputation as a troublemaker or troubleseeker.
  7. Investigating New Technology: Your character is an early adopter of the latest technological innovations, and specializes in covering the cutting-edge of science and engineering. This could involve attending tech expos, interviewing leading researchers, or even testing out new gadgets and inventions themselves.
  8. Survival Journalist: Your character is a survivor, and has spent years living on the edge in some of the most dangerous and inhospitable corners of the galaxy. They may have a reputation as a daredevil or thrill-seeker, but they’re also skilled at adapting to new environments and overcoming seemingly impossible challenges.
  9. Travel Writer: Your character is always on the move, exploring new planets, star systems, and cultures. They’re a master of the travelogue, and have a gift for capturing the sights, sounds, and smells of far-flung places.
  10. Investigative Biographer: Your character is fascinated by the lives of famous individuals, and specializes in uncovering the hidden truths and secrets behind their public personas. This could involve digging up dirt on politicians, unearthing scandalous family histories, or even delving into the mysterious pasts of legendary heroes and villains.

By Brody

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