Pandora’s Lament: An OtherSpace MUSH

The year is 4999.

Little remains of the galaxy that was since the Quantic Breach, when the tzitzimimes claimed dominion of the black.

It had seemed a brilliant idea, scientists of the Consortium and the Parallax working together to develop the means to instantly teleport people and cargo across vast stellar distances. They didn’t know what might go wrong. What they might unleash.

And then it was too late.

Gone are the unified regions, the core worlds of the Orion Arm, fallen to the swarming furies from beyond the Breach.

Civilization perseveres on lonely colony worlds like Ashkodt – originally settled by the Hekayti, but now a sanctuary to humans and aliens alike.

They struggle to survive, huddled together in factions, hoping to contact other colonies without drawing the destructive ire of the demons among the stars.