It is the year 628.

Millennia have passed since the abomination of the Shadow’s Touch, the conjuror’s cataclysm, plunged the world into utter darkness.

Centuries ago, to protect against the threat of the poisoned Wildlings of the outer realm, the city-state of Fastheld constructed a massive stone wall called the Aegis to encompass the land.

Fastheld is ruled by the fourteenth in the line of Kahar emperors. He oversees a city-state inhabited by power-brokering nobles in six prominent houses, roving freelanders, merchants and lowly vassals. The soldiers of the Emperor’s Blades man the Aegis and keep the threat of the Wildlings at bay. The religious warriors and priests of the Church of True Light stand watch against internal threats from the Shadow-Touched: Denizens of Fastheld endowed with magical abilities. Those suspected of bearing the touch of the shadow face punishments ranging from mutilation and enslavement to death.

But some Shadow-Touched citizens have joined forces in a secret society known as The Luminary. Magic saved the empire once. The time may come when it must do so again. The light of truth will shine!

By Brody

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