My son, who turns six in May, didn’t want to keep working on his dictation assignment for kindergarten. The task called for me to read a short sentence, which he would then write on the paper. He’d had a decent day at school – even completed his in-class work –Continue Reading

Working at home works great for work. Not so much for creativity. About a year ago, my supervisor asked if I wouldn’t mind giving up my cubicle on the fourth floor of an office park building about 30 minutes from home. I didn’t put up any kind of fight. IContinue Reading

The first I heard about Harlan Ellison was from my Dad when he gave me a used copy of Dangerous Visions from Jerry Cooper’s First Amendment bookstore near the drive-in off Highway 50 in Union Park. I was a teenager at the time and a Star Trek fanatic, but didn’tContinue Reading

Seventeen years ago, I got this idea to help raise awareness about OtherSpace – and to create a sort of keepsake for participants who helped shape the first few story arcs with their characters. View post on And in the years since, this has been what some angry peopleContinue Reading