ALHIRA, DEMARIA – Amnesty Interstellar, a sentient rights organization based on Earth, has renewed its call for the planet Demaria to be expelled from the Stellar Consortium.

The latest outcry comes as the new combat arena season opens and underclassers face violent ends (or bloody victories) in the desert world’s battle cages.

“It’s an absolute travesty that the Consortium Council continues to turn a blind eye to this sort of savagery while trying to promote itself and its members as enlightened governments,” said Levon Harris, spokesperson for Amnesty Interstellar.

Stumppaw Sandwalker, a prominent noble on Demaria and a ranking member of the planetary senate, dismissed the complaint out of hand: “Our agreement with the Consortium clearly protects Demarian cultural sovereignty. It’s not like we’re snatching poor unsuspecting offworlders from the streets and sticking them in the arena like the madness you hear about on Tomin Kora. All of our combatants are volunteers. And the victors, as well as their families, are quite well rewarded.”

By Brody

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