Omar Panderyn walks in from the west corridor, accompanied as usual by Crumpton, who says, “Well, I’ll make sure the next installment is transmitted to your station terminal by the time your shuttle arrives.” Panderyn just frowns at Crumpton, saying, “I don’t know why you bother. I’ve made clear thatContinue Reading

It’s been a pretty good decade and a half, but I’m slowly coming around to the view that the MUSH is done. Before I go any further, I’m not saying the OtherSpace story is done. I’m not saying we’re through building a collaborative space opera. I’m saying the MUSH-as-RP-platform isContinue Reading

When last we left the souls aboard the bus, Kinako was trying to keep Crumpton alive as he bled from a neck wound on the floor. The driver set the vehicle on automatic, with a slow upward slope, and stalked back toward the restroom with her pistol. The Swampers remainedContinue Reading

Explore the benefits of┬ábecoming an OtherSpace sponsor And now, at Cape Canaveral in the year 2550… Crumpton, aide to Omar Panderyn, waits near the archway leading to the tarmac for the shuttle to Antarctica. Tilsworth appears from the direction of the East Corridor, pushing a cart with one squeaky wheelContinue Reading