Kemetti loves FTL travel, the feeling of slipping free of the universe, and racing by the stars as they slowly made their galactic circuits. But once again, the feeling of emptiness drives him to slide back into material reality. He sits quietly for a moment, feeling the radiations that whizContinue Reading

Nick earned his spot as our first new Player of the Month for a few reasons: Early adopter of the Slack format. He made the jump from the MUSH and immediately started participating in roleplaying threads – some of which he actually started on his own initiative. Inspired me toContinue Reading

The lieutenant searches the body and radios in its location while several others look around the area. The winds have clearly pushed the dust on the ground around to cover any tracks, but several of those in the search party point out several possible areas that the missing person couldContinue Reading

The question came up today whether I’m going to run activities on the legacy MUSH (the telnet platform where OtherSpace got its start), as well as on the Slack site. I thought I’d made it pretty clear when I announced the creation of the Slack site that it was largelyContinue Reading