As Kam waltzes into the Last Orders Tavern, she grins saucily over her shoulder to O’Dell. But as she glides over the threshold, her smile becomes a little more predatory, her dark navy eyes darting left and then right before they hone in on the bar. “Almost feels like home,”Continue Reading

Thanks so much to Nick (a.k.a. Razorback, Fedya, et al) for another wonderful month of spreading the word about OtherSpace on Slack. During the month of June, not only did he participate in a bunch of scenes and promote us via Twitter and Facebook, but he also organized a GoogleContinue Reading

A message arrives for Jeffrey Corris from the Martian Superior Court: The warrant on Plantagenet’s holdings has been served and the materials should start arriving in the next few hours. The AI assistant inquires: “How would you like these materials filed?” “How much are we expecting? Or do we know?”Continue Reading

Vechkov Prague, private investigator-turned-freighter-captain, grows much more comfortable with his surroundings once he’s under the dome of Drescher Interstellar Spaceport. He stops near one of the holokiosks displaying departure and arrival times for commercial flights. Pulls a crumpled pack of cigarettes from his trenchcoat pocket. He turns toward his PyracaniContinue Reading