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Ulm Station crew finalists chosen

CAPE CANAVERAL, EARTH – Omar Panderyn, leader of the Ulm Station FTL platform project, announced five people who are finalists to join him in orbit by the end of the month. The finalists include:

  • Willard Tilsworth
  • Maxwell Cooke
  • Raynaldus Lionheart
  • Omoiyari Kinako
  • Rafael Santiago

The finalists are expected to undergo rigorous conditioning tests to make sure they’re capable of enduring extended stays in cramped quarters aboard the orbital outpost.

Martian leaders deny terrorist connection

BRADBURY, MARS – Leaders of the Martian planetary government today denied any connection to the woman who unleashed an Ebola variant at Cape Canaveral.

“It does appear that she was from Bradbury and had no apparent connection to the young man who died on the Texas border,” said Louis Claymore, Martian chief of staff. “We’re not sure why she claimed otherwise.”

Contagion suspect in custody

CAPE CANAVERAL, FLORIDA – Vanguard officials confirmed today that they have arrested a woman in connection with the release of a deadly virus on base.

Cape Canaveral’s research facilities have been on lockdown since Tuesday night, when Delilah Grantham, 26, is said to have unleashed an airborne variant of Ebola called “Ebola Browndell.”

The engineered virus is named after the birthplace of Lexington Clay, reportedly a cousin of Grantham’s. He was shot and killed in a border incident earlier this month.

Dozens of people on base have been exposed to the virus and may be symptomatic within days unless a cure is found. Presumably, the mortality rate is extremely high without proper treatment.

Canaveral on lockdown

CAPE CANAVERAL, FLORIDA – Sources in the scientific laboratories at Cape Canaveral at this hour say the base is under lockdown due to what appears to be the release of a virulent contagion.

Early reports suggest that this was an intentional act, carried out by a Texan sympathizer in the name of Lexington Clay, a teen shot by a Vanguard soldier this month.

Details about the contagion have not been disclosed.