Here is my second update for the Star Wars : Reach of the Empire project.

Building has begun on Coruscant! Rejoice! I am committed to providing a minimum of ten rooms per planet (there will be at least ten rooms to start). As more players join, I will be prepared to add more rooms.

Kessel will be the major mining location for the RoE universe, with Corellia being the major ship building facility (Corellia Engineering Corp being located there). Since there will be NO ship classes available for purchase in RoE off the hop, I hope we get a ship builder over there (*winkwink* this is a good RP opportunity).

Depending on how I feel after everything is built, I may or may not pump out two fighters (one Rebel and one Imperial) and a shuttle. I may, or may not, build a Star Destroyer and/or Mon Calamari Cruiser as well. This is looking long term.

Important Notice for those wanting to help!

If anyone is interested in helping, contact Narai. I will be prepared to offer the Large Terrestrial Planet object required! Just be sure to have enough quota to actually build the planet.

Requirements for Building in the RoE Universe

1) Before building, Narai must be contacted to discuss what it is you want to build. He will approve all projects in RoE. Why? Some planets require certain rooms (ie: Corellia needs a place to build ships, Kessel needs specific mines, Tatooine needs a Mos Eisley!). All details will be discussed at this time. 

2) Once approved, you are free to @dig all the rooms and describe them. The limit, per planet, is ten room for now.

3) Once completed, contact Narai to review the planet and give his rubber stamp to approve it! If any changes need to be made they will need to be made prior to it being approved.

I want to start playing in the RoE Universe!

Great! Hold on to your socks though. This is not an overnight project. I anticipate the building and coding needs to take a minimum of a month. Once I meet with the staff to discuss races, and once they are implemented, I would be prepared to open a limited-grid (several key worlds) for ‘beta’ play. During this period, do not expect any RP events as the focus will be on finishing various projects. Once finished, I would like to run a minimum of one event per week for awhile (or at least once every two weeks for major events with ‘pick up’ events throughout depending on who is online, etc..

Some thoughts from my experience on Star Wars games…

I suspect that the majority of the RP will be Imperial/Independent (including crime organizations like the Hutt/Black Sun/etc…). On the dozen plus Star Wars games I have played on, the Rebellion is often a faction that lacks players. If that is the case, I would be prepared to NPC the Rebellion in plots to push a semi-cohesive story arc (this is not to discourage people from playing Rebels, just something I have seen).

That’s it folks.. I will report back once I have more on the go! (probably late this weekend)

By Narai

2 thoughts on “RoE Update #2”
  1. That wink was meant for me wasn’t it? yes I know I got a character that is a ship builder and Since I have always wanted to build starwars style ship, I’m willing to help you out and make a character for the Corellia Engineering Corp. My preference would go out to a twi’lek or Togruta race, but we can discus that and more when we both are online.

  2. Nope! 🙂 It was more of a hint that this is a good opportunity for someone (or a group) to become ship builders.

    The only thing I would ask is that ships built (at least in the beginning) are actual Star Wars ships. Once we have an established group of ships available for use, perhaps we can look at some R&D of new ships (or R&D of advanced ships that are found later on in the Star Wars series – like the B-Wing, or some of the TIE-Wing starfighters!)

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