Kessel has been built! It is small (half the size of Coruscant).

While I do not forsee Kessel being a hub for RP, it will be used to mine various materials.

Not sure what planet is next on the hit parade! Need to do some thinking and planning on that.

That’s not a moon… It’s a space station!

While I am not going to talk about the Death Star.. I do want to talk about the space system. While I need to talk to Brody about this.. I have some ideas.

We can use CSpace.


We have have a less coded system. I have been on a number of games that have used shuttle systems to move around, but when it comes to ship RP, it is represented in special rooms where players are located, and have specific ship tokens to represent their ships. These tokens would be described, and stats would be based on each ship.

Not sure if that would fly though with the staff 🙂 One thing, in games, I dislike (and I am just as guilty of this as the next guy) is that you get a ship, and you hide in it. This would prevent this from happen (if we are using @created objects, then if we do the locking properly, it can be dropped and you can enter it as a 1 room ship).

What about the economy?!

I want credits / actual hard currency to be the main way to buy and trade in RoE – not SP. Need to nail this down abit more first and get some of the details work out. My thinking is that you would use SP to do jobs/gigs, and vendors would sell you weapons and ship objects.


By Narai

7 thoughts on “RoE Update #4”
  1. The thought of things actually being bought with credits instead of Saga points sounds great I approve of that. I like the idea of credits gaining more usefulness again.

    Not sure yet what to think about the ships thing thought.

  2. The less SP needed to be used, the better. And I was always sad that OS/Chia leaned more towards SP than the use of credits (although they were used, just not a primary source of currency).

    The ship thing, I envision, would work like this:

    A vendor/ship builder has a list of ‘approved’ ships they can build. Each ship has a set description, stats and cost associated with it. (maybe a builder only focuses on KDY ships, another CEC, etc…).

    Players will do gigs/jobs (so it will be heavy use of skills to generate currency) in exchange for ships/weapons.

    When a player orders a ship, the transaction takes place. The ship object is built, described then handed over to the purchaser in exchange for the ship.

    Here is what I am thinking:

    1) Ships can be used as a 1 room home (placed in a spaceport, of course).
    2) There will be dedicated RP rooms at each planet (Example: A room called ‘Low Orbit – Coruscant’). These will be for use for space RP/Combat (so if you have a ship object, you will be able to do stuff in these rooms, such as RP with ships and space combat).
    3) There may, or may not be space rooms connecting planets, or various deep space rooms. Not sure.

    As I stated, I dislike having ships where people hide in and no RP gets done. That being said, I am not opposed to allow for private housing on planets in designated areas (or offices, or businesses, etc…).

    I want to minimize the need for SP, increase the use of a hard currency, and increase RP opportunities.

    A similar system would be setup for weapons/armor as well.

    The only vendors would be for things like commlinks, PDAs, etc…

    That is where my head is at.

    1. I’m a little puzzled by this discussion of credits vs. Saga Points as currency and the ensuing sadness about “SP dominance.” What you’re describing (gigs to earn money) is pretty much *exactly* what we have on OS. Is the problem, as y’all see it, that people can use SP to craft weapons (if they have the skills) or build ship prototypes (if they have the skills) or what?

      1. I think what I am going for is less use of Dominion by players. Although perhaps I should just leave it and let them do whatever.

        I think we are looking for a way to move away from SP, and use strictly IC currency. But no matter how we do it, there will be SP use. Would like there to be reasons for wanting to collect credits.

        Still ideas in the works. 😛 Need to build more planets!

        1. Something to keep in mind: Whether it’s IC credits or SP that people spend, you’re still going to run into the same problems of people stockpiling whatever the dominant “currency” is because there aren’t enough sinks to consume the surplus. There are no upkeep costs, nothing going obsolete due to excessive use, so when a player buys a PDA or a rifle or a space suit, they currently never have to do so again unless they somehow lose the item during an event.

          We’ll be having a town hall-style discussion on Friday to go over topics such as this to explore some ideas in that direction, which may have some bearing on ROE!

          1. I shall be there.

            I do want to take a different approach to ships and how we use them for RP. Want to take a page from a Star Wars game I have played on for some time where it seems to work well.

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