One of the most daunting things about hosting a 20-year-old collaborative space saga like OtherSpace is…well, it’s been around for two decades and a lot has happened. We’ve actually got a few participants whose characters have existed from the beginning, which means they’ve seen governments rise and fall, alien invasions,Continue Reading

No spoilers in this review, although I can almost certainly guarantee spoilers may emerge during later posts and discussions. – Wes Finally, the prequel I’ve always wanted but didn’t know I needed! Rogue One: A Star Wars Story does in two hours what three prequel movies couldn’t do: Provides aContinue Reading

Even though Knee Deep’s a swamp noir adventure in a tacky little Florida town instead of a galaxy far, far away, it owes a lot to the Star Wars movies. I first watched Star Wars in the cinema at Orlando Fashion Square in 1977. Nearly 40 years later, you’ll hearContinue Reading