Based on this discussion about de-complicating OtherSpace, I got to thinking about the idea of a theme reboot. We’ve expanded on the theme, we’ve opened the multiverse, and we’ve even offered variants of the original MUSH theme set in the 2650 Orion Arm of the Milky Way galaxy.

But we’ve never, since 1998, done a total reboot.ย And maybe it’s time.

How would I do it?

We’ve got a small playerbase these days, so I’d start small. And I wouldn’t start where the game began 16 years ago. I’d shove the timeline all the way back to 2550, with players starting in the Solar Consortium on Earth, Luna, and Mars. And I’d toss out all the original pre-2550 timeframe lore for purposes of the reboot. Sivad hasn’t been settled. They haven’t met the Demarians, Nall, or Zangali yet. And they certainly haven’t encountered the ominous Ri’Kammi Hive Minders who can bestow upon them the gift of OtherSpace technology.

Instead, they’ve mostly been working on not blowing each other up and trying to find common ground while exploring Sol System for exploitable resources and trying to develop FTL technology.

The first new story arc would involve players inventing the technology that would be used for faster-than-light travel. The next would deal with testing, potential acts of sabotage between competing interests, and prototyping. The third might see the first ship and crew equipped with an FTL drive embarking on a mission of exploration, which could lead them to Demaria, Odari, Nalhom…who knows?

At the start, the reboot would involve a couple of worlds and just one race at character creation: Human. More options would come available as the story arcs progress.