If you’ve missed the always-on stage performance of Knee Deep on PC/Mac/Linux, it’s time to grab your ticket for the best seats in the house!

This swamp noir story from indie studio Prologue Games launched in three acts, starting in July 2015 and concluding in March 2016. During the Steam Summer Sale, we’re offering the game (as well as soundtrack and playbill DLC) for 50 percent off!

Jump into the role of a lifetime as you control dialogue for several characters – including a blogger, a newspaper reporter, and a private detective – as they investigate shady dealings in a downtrodden Florida tourist trap called Cypress Knee. You’ll solve a mystery while meeting an odd assortment of colorful small-town denizens.

It’s time to put on a show! Pay one price, get all three acts – Wonderland, Festival, and Boomtown! We’ve also got a free demo of part of the first act on Steam.

By Brody

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