A collection of memorable quotes and moments from the early years of OtherSpace:

“I see the iron jaws now.”
— Dahan, Arc I, 1998

“Your captivity is not a choice. That is why it is called captivity.”
— Former Abernathy, Arc I, 1998

“Colonel, if you heard my speech to the Consortium Council, you heard all you needed to hear. I warned you *all* that the OtherSpace Drive was a trap. I warned you to give them up, give them up, or we would all regret it. Do you think I *wanted* to be here, trapped with you buffoons who cannot seem to take a hint? I came here because the Voice said I must.”
— Eye Balthazar, Arc I, 1998

“Wait a minute. So we go along willingly. Let’s say we all bloody do, hell, if you haven’t a damn body you need one since you sure as hell don’t seem TO have one. What then?” Her head tilts arrogantly as she crosses her arms and stares, defiant and stubborn, at the zombified creature. “And shit, take a BATH. You smell.”
— N’Sha-El, Arc I, 1998

“If I am to die, I WILL DIE FIGHTING!!!”
— Grayback, Arc I, 1998

Seeing Genghis, Kip turns and points one of his loaded fingers. “Pyew”…a pause… “Pyew”….. “Come on, Kitty. You’re cheatin’ You gotta fall down.”
— Kip, Arc I, 1998

“He’s dead Sha. And they had what they wanted. I’m done with it. To hell with them.”
— VanMahr, Arc I, 1998

“Aye. Battling cosmic evil tends to drain one.”
— Jest’liana, Arc I, 1998

Tilting his snout at a faint angle, so that the sun plays off his dark eyes beneath the hood of his robe, the Vox says, “Then came the near-disaster, when the S’uhral was hurtled to the other end of the galaxy to face the superior firepower – but inferior intellect – of the Kretonians. Bravely, R’ikam of Hatch Vril, my daughter and my pride, led her crew to victory and safety. We now know of new worlds awaiting conquest. We eagerly await the day we can once more confront those warrior beasts and crush them.” He squeezes his ringed hand into a taloned fist.
— Vox Hskrivril, Arc II, 1999

Rathorl bares his fangs. “There is not much shame in surrender, Be of Hatch Toth. But much less humiliation in dying.” Rathorl steps back and swings his sword toward Betoth’s neck.
— Arc II, 1999

Vechkov drops his chin, and the cigarette falls from his mouth and onto the tarmac. The red tip smolders and then darkens. A trail of wispy blue smoke rises from the fallen cigarette.
— Arc II, 1999

“Alas, it’s not just a bad dream. You see, Vechkov was my friend. I keep few friends, Graeber. Tell me what I want to know and things will go much better for you.”
— Jaxx, Arc II, 1999

“Consortium martial law is in effect. I am in charge here.”
— Dimitri Volstov, Arc II, 1999

“General, I know dat yu know aboud me, an I hope dat yu ar smarder den to try to ged in to someting physical wit me.”
— LeBeau, Arc II, 1999

“Geezus H Frog, thanks.”
— Yama, Arc II, 1999

“I cannot raise my children in this place, however. I speak not merely of the confines of the Harrower, although they will outgrow it, certainly. I speak also of this territory and this realm. I have observed events of recent months since our arrival in this region, since the cooperative effort to rid the galaxy of the scourge on the planet below us, and I have been on one hand elated by the salvation of my race, but saddened by the plights that trouble your own. Much about you remains…unfinished. Uncivilized. So, we appreciate your assistance, but we must seek a world to settle elsewhere.”
— Okaskatitch, Arc III, 1999

Teel looks at Yama, a tinge of regret on her face. “I know, Yama. But they might understand. Even with all this prophecy stuff, we all gotta make choices an face stuff. An I just gotta know. If I don’t make it…no, I’ll make it back. I got asses to kick.”
— Arc III, 1999

“In our absence, from a distance, we have observed the abuses of the Ri’Kammi. We dared not act against them, for fear that it would tip them off to our presence. Now that your kind have destroyed the Ri’Kammi, it has become safe for us to reach out once more. We do so for one simple reason: To apologize. It was with great sorrow that we learned of the horrors perpetrated by our creation.”
— The Kamir, Arc III, 1999

“A recommendation? Yes, Mr. President, I *do* have a recommendation. Until Montevedo violently seized power, Sivad’s government was *this* Council. Those people who live under his rule are *our* people. They are not willing participants in his power play, as our intelligence proves. They are Consortium citizens, held hostage by a madman. My recommendation, sir, is to bring an end to this atrocity.”
— General Avocet, Arc III, 1999

AB145Q whirs briefly, then proceeds. “The facts of this case which are not in doubt are simply those of circumstance. Yes, the colonel took the Indomitable to Sivad. Yes, he gave the order to land. But he did not kill, nor did he mean to have killed, the victims of Laurence Montevedo. Colonel Talis Grant may be guilty of bad judgment, but he is not a murderer, or an accomplice to it. He acted in what he considered to be the best interests of the Consortium – as ill-fated as his effort might have been. For the rest of his life, he must live with the brand of his mistake. Let us not make the situation worse by making of him a scapegoat.”
— Arc IV, 1999

“I appear to be relatively undamaged, save for my pride.”
— Hight, Arc IV, 1999

“I cannot for the life of me understand why the Imperator, in all his alleged wisdom, chose a *human* to serve as an advisor and a representative for our world. It makes no sense to me – but I suppose it makes as much sense as anything else the Imperator has done during his reign. I believe Demarians should represent Demaria. We should serve Demaria. We should not hire out hit men to take down Lord Fagin. If we want to do it, do it ourselves. We should not hire bounty hunters to catch our criminals, we should do it ourselves. I am with Darkcoat and Whiptail on this. Demaria for Demarians!”
— Ambereyes, Arc IV, 1999

“Oh bother, my tail’s all out of order again.”
— Darkmane, Arc IV, 1999

Melchior smiles softly, “It is alright….we’re friends….we aren’t here to hurt you….”

The mutant glances up at Melchior with watery gray eyes, blank without irises. “F…friends?”

Melchior says, “Yes…we are friends….you have nothing to fear from us…”

The mutant smiles, exposing razor sharp fangs, opens its mouth and then clamps down on the Mystic’s gloved hand.
— Arc IV, 1999

“Whadda ya mean it’s NOT DEAD?!”
— Messer, Arc IV, 1999

As you emerge from the subway, the hot wind blowing trash through the region, you see dead mutants littering the park – including the child-shaped one that spoke with you. Beyond them, between you and where the Kensington landed, you see about a dozen identical reptiloid warriors with dead silver eyes. The flames of the wrecked freighter lap at the bruised sky above, roiling black smoke rising toward the poisoned heavens. Beside the destroyed freighter is a sleek silver vessel. Standing on the boarding ramp of that vessel is a humanoid clad in a radiation suit. He carries a cane. As the wind dies down, he speaks: “Well, Jesus H. Christ cooking marshmallows on a samurai sword. Ain’t y’all a sight?” Then he ducks into the silver vessel, slams the hatch shut. The reptiloids begin closing in on the group near the subway entrance.
— Arc IV, 1999

“You were expecting maybe the Good Humor man?”
— Vechkov Prague, Arc V, 1999

Teel snorts sand out of her nose. “Hate this planet, hate this planet…”
— Teel, Arc V, 1999

Jest’liana raises one finger. “So. You shot F-falkenberg for a stranger. A stranger who had her own choices in life, was too weak to face some hurt, and killed herself. You fucking /shot/ Falkenberg for no greater reason than that?” And her voice is so matter of fact.

Vechkov shakes his head. “No. I shot Falkenberg for 1,000 credits and a heartbroken father.”
— Arc V, 1999

“No, Senator, I have come to ask you to explain to our people why you have betrayed them, made deals with Fagin for your own gain at the detriment of others, and why, perhaps most importantly, you ordered the destruction of a village on our *own* planet, killing innocent civilians.”
— Sharpeye, Arc V, 1999

“It seems that tonight, we are all Ungstiri.”
— Starr, Arc V, 1999

Daneel is silent for a moment, and then raises his eyes, tears can be seen on his cheeks. “Anybody of able body who knows engineering, meet me on board Sanctuary’s flight deck in five minutes. We’re going to get this ship ready.”
— Daneel, Arc V, 1999

“We have no choice. I’m not leaving anyone with the damn slugs.”
— Firemane, Arc VI, 2000

The hoverchair buzzes up the aisle between the rows of seats, the skeletal figure of Vampire perched atop it, the bottle of champagne clinking against the hood as it sits precariously on its perch. He brings the chair to a creaking halt as he reaches Sha. He smiles broadly, then gives a hungry look at Yama. “Who said anything about seizing the bride, sugar?”
— Vampire, Arc VI, 2000

“Ever since they fought us over Mars – a planet THEY stole from us because they couldn’t hold their own – we have had nothing but trouble with aliens. Every bad turn in our recent history, we can thank aliens for.”
— Duke Buchanan, Arc VI, 2000

“Speaking your mind? You’d have to have one first. You want to call me a tuber? I’ll let more than my fists do the talking, and there’ll be one less claim on Sanctuary’s resources.”
— Falkenberg, Arc VI, 2000

LeBeau gives a sideways glance to Falkenberg “We giv hem a hero’s burial, id es da lease we can giv hem fo wha he has done fo us.”

Mordecai shakes his head. “B’hiri do not bury their dead.”

Jaxx’s brows lift, and he says, “No. They consume them.” He looks to Mordecai. “That’s correct, isn’t it?”

Mordecai nods slowly to Jaxx. “Yes.”

Jaxx nods a bit, rising. “Have him conducted into MacBeth’s. He will be properly prepared, so that we may honor our friend.”
— Arc VI, 2000

Betoth hisses softly, “An a-tourn-knee? Weak thing, know that 77 challengers lie in bones behind me.” His jaw lolls. “Surrender now. Spare yourself this humiliation. None could possibly think you lesser.”
— Arc VI, 2000

LeBeau winces slightly as the blade is able to creep through a weak point of his armor and cuts him. He grips the staff tight in his hands and turns at the waist and pulls the staff along his back for support as he drives the other end towards the small of Volstov’s back.

The blow from the staff surprises Volstov, and he growls in shock as the hit knocks him spinning toward the edge of the precipice. He tries to pinwheel his arms near the crevice, manages to turn around and then falls over the edge. His sword plunges into the depths, but he manages to grab hold of the rugged edge of the path with his hands.

Esther gives a gasp as this turn of events startles her completely. She drops the sword and scrambles up onto her feet, grazing her knees and palms of her hands as she does so.

LeBeau stalks over to the edge and looks down as he kneels. An evil glare crosses his face “Seems yu underestimaded me jus like da oders, remember how yu said I was nodding be an animal en a pack dat yu can ged rid o by jus seperading….well yu picked an singled oud da wrong one, yu picked oud da lone wolf o da group an I hav a min to led yu jus fall an leave yer rodding corpse here…” He reaches down and grasps Volstov’s arm in his hand “….bu I hav a way to gran yu mercy an ged my revenge ad da same time.”

Dimitri clenches his teeth, releases the path and grabs onto LeBeau’s arm. “Let me…show you…my idea…of mercy!” He puts his feet against the wall of the crevice and pulls with his arms, grunting, trying to bring LeBeau over the side.
— Arc VII, 2000

“These semi-omnipotent beings always are a bit edgy, aren’t they?”
— Marcus, Arc VII, 2000

“You wissssh to complain? I can give you much to complain about. Or you can remain shhhilent, and ssshurvive.”
— Shog, Arc VII, 2000

[Loudspeaker]: Attention, all hands. We have received word that Duke Buchanan died aboard Comorro Station due, and we quote from a Hekayti press release, “to the rigors of examination.” That is all. Sanctuary Control out.
— Sanctuary Control, Arc VII, 2000

Neidermeyer stalks closer to the commander, sprawling on the floor, and aims the gun at Pulver’s face. “Now I’m glad you kept the helmet on. It can hold your brains inside.” He smiles wryly. “Now I can tell the new recruits the real meaning of being…Pulverized.”
— Neidermeyer, Arc VIII, 2000

The corners of Tenille’s mouth turn down, her voice sounding even more upper crust and icy. “I’ve half a mind to slap that tetragenous growth you call a smile off your florid facade.”
— Tenille, Arc VIII, 2000

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