Martian leaders deny terrorist connection

BRADBURY, MARS – Leaders of the Martian planetary government today denied any connection to the woman who unleashed an Ebola variant at Cape Canaveral.

“It does appear that she was from Bradbury and had no apparent connection to the young man who died on the Texas border,” said Louis Claymore, Martian chief of staff. “We’re not sure why she claimed otherwise.”

Panderyn to lead station construction

NEW YORK, EARTH – Omar Panderyn, a retired physics professor who’s joining the Spark team in about two weeks, has been tapped to oversee construction of Ulm Station.

The orbital facility, named after the hometown of Albert Einstein, will be the new home of Spark’s faster-than-light research and development efforts.

It’s expected to take several months to build, but will start with a small core team in a habitat module in September.

FTL project relocating

CAPE CANAVERAL, EARTH – Bob Busby, CEO of Spark, wants to make changes in the wake of a contagion attack on Cape Canaveral.

He wants to take the effort to achieve faster-than-light travel beyond Earth’s atmosphere to a secure facility in outer space.

The Spark board of directors is expected to approve a reassignment of assets to invest in the construction of an orbital laboratory and spacedock.

The move isn’t just a security issue due to the terrorist incident, however, he said. Busby also worries that technology needed to achieve FTL speeds might threaten the planet itself.

“Better safe than scattered atoms, man,” Busby said.

Panderyn joins Spark

NEW YORK, EARTH – Noted European physicist Omar Panderyn today announced that he was leaving his teaching position at Oxford University to take a lead role on Spark’s faster-than-light development project.

“The work remains in its infancy, to be sure,” Panderyn told CBN. “But I am confident that Bob Busby and the Spark team, working in tandem with the Vanguard, are on the right track. I am proud to lend any support I can to the project.”

He’s expected to start his job on Sept. 1.

Ebola plague averted

CAPE CANAVERAL, EARTH – Patients at the Cape Canaveral spaceport afflicted with a terrorist’s release of Ebola Browndell – including Spark CEO Bob Busby – are expected to fully recover.

Specialists from Bethesda, Maryland, distributed a treatment via smoke through the spaceport’s ventilation system.

The only fatality at this time appears to be the terrorist herself. Although she claimed to be from Texas and acting on behalf of insurgents from the Lone Star state, it turns out that she actually came from the city of Bradbury on Mars.