A Brief History of OtherSpace

Jeshin over at Optional Realities inquired about why I picked space opera for OtherSpace. Here’s what I had to say: I enjoy hard sci-fi stories – books like Kim Stanley Robinson’s “Mars” series are among my favorites – but I’ve always been partial to space fantasy such as “Star Wars,” “Star Trek,” and “Babylon 5.” […]

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New ship descriptions

I’ve been working on descriptions for some of the new ship classes coming with Operation Fever Dream – the return to 2650-era OtherSpace: Rucker-class fast transport Exterior: A needle-nosed vessel with a curved upper hull dome and a flat lower hull that expands into a delta wing and angled tail toward aft. Thrust gimbals jut […]

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MUSH Commands

MUSH commands come in a couple of flavors. The first are hard-coded commands that are built into the source code of PennMUSH. The second are soft-coded commands, designed by programmers working on the MUSH and generally customized for the needs of that specific MUSH. Most soft-coded commands are preceded by a plus sign (+), while hard-coded […]

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MUSH Etiquette

As with any evolving community or society, OtherSpace has certain expectations for how players act toward each other and toward the staff, as well as how things work within the parameters of the MUSH. Here are a few tips: Write poses in present-tense. Our game assumes actions happening in real-time. Work within a scene’s established […]

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